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Maxwell Roadster Pickup

Guest LyndaMJ

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Guest LyndaMJ

Greetings....this is my first post...

I have a copy of my Grandfather's Title for a Maxwell Roadster Pickup. The engine # is 244947 and the Serial # 255563.

It says the Make is: Maxwell, and the Body Style is: Roadster Pickup.

I also have a photograph of him in the vehicle, it has no top, and is only a partial front view. It is signed, paid in May 1, 1930.

I understand Maxwell went defunct in 1925. I am seeking what year this vehicle is.

Also have a payment voucher dated January 28th 1929 to WS Maxwell Company for "one Ford Touring Car... motor#4410855. Obviously, these are two different cars. I would like to know the year of the Ford Touring Car.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Lynda-- Your Ford motor number 4410855 is a 1920 engine. Ford used the engine number as the serial number for the car. Many times the engine was replaced with one that may have been newer or older. thus the year of the car sometimes is obscured in history. When a historian physically can see the car, or view a clear photo they can make out different features to identify the model year. For your purposes I would assume the car to be a nine year old car traded into the dealer. --Bob

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