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Full Front Rubber Carpet for 50 - 53 Buick in Green


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Today I found at an estate sale a new, in-the-box floor mat for a Buick. It is the full replacement meant to be used instead of carpet, from back when all cars did not have carpet on the floor. Some makes didn't have carpet in the front seat area but did in the back set area. I don't know how Buicks were equipped back in the early 50s.

It is still a nice rich green with clean jute padding applied to the back. The box was in better shape than it is now since I split the box's seam as I tried to get the rolled up mat back into the box. It is labeled as fitting a 1950 40 series or the series 50 and 70 for 1950 - 1953. I believe that 40 is the Special, 50 the Super and 70 the Roadmaster.

Installed this would be so much more interesting than another set of acrylic replacement carpet so I am passing it along to Buick owners here. It is too cold here to unroll it but I will take the best pics I can if anyone is interested. I paid very little and I don't expect to get rich off of it, but I'd rather get it to a Buick owner who would use it than sell it cheaply to someone who only wants to resell it and make the money. If you are interested you can respond here or e-mail me directly at jfssch2@frontiernet.net. Send along a pic of the Buick you are thinking of using the rubber floor cover in if you can too. I'd love to see it.

Justin Schiess

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