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Peerless for sale

Guest Tcfire

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1927 and 1929


model 60 boatail, model 80 boatail

6000 for both

In pieces 90% there


818-577-8422. Tomfire@hotmail.com

I have two peerless a 1927 boatail and 1929 boatail they were torn down for restoration and then my uncle passed away, so there they sit waiting for some one to take them home. I believe they are about 90% complete. they are located in Calif. Is anybody interested in buying both together ? Thanks my number is 818-577-8422 Tom

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I am interested, as are 2 other Peerless collectors. They have tried to contact you by email. Do you know - are these 8 cylinder cars or 6 cylinder cars?



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