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Questions of a 52 Buick

Guest Cesarbrazil

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Guest Cesarbrazil

Recently, I bought in an auction, a 52 Buick Super Riviera, 2 door, HT. I am a non resident and I need to ship the vehicle to Brazil, where I live. I need to get an import permit and I am having difficulties to find some informations of the car identity to fullfill local customs requirements. The car is in the US in a warehouse and I am in Brazil. I need help on get the following:

1. What is the aproximate total weight of the car?.

2. I found the VIN # 16604103 in the right "B" short post. Is any other place where this number is engraved?

3. Authorities requires the engine number. I asked a friend to look it out for me but he could only find the firing sequence engraved in the block. Is any number at the block from factory? :confused:

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Your "Riviera" refers to the fact that the car has no B pillar, it is a pillarless hardtop. This forum is for owners of 63 - 99 Rivieras, a separate model, not a style.

Your question is best addressed to the Post War forum; they'll be able to answer questions about your car.


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