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1921 Ranger, Houston, TX.


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I found these obscure ads in 1921 Automotive Industries and thought I'd share them.

The Standard Catalog of American Cars has quite a scandalous write-up on the short-lived

(1920-1922) Houston company, and I wondered if any remain. The 1920 Ranger

sedan is listed in my 1922 Schedule of Weights, Automobiles (SC State Highway Dept.,

Motor Vehicle License Division), but the car doesn't appear in the 1926 "Red Book,"

National Used Car Market Report.




Automotive Industries, April 21, 1921 Larger




Automotive Industries, June 16, 1921 Larger

They certainly seem to be channeling Ned Jordan's "Somewhere West of Laramie" text.

The ads are printed on heavy card stock, and as time permits, I'll look in other issues

to see if there are examples of the company's other models.


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Except that Somewhere West of Laramie wasn't done until 1923.

West, I hate it when I don't cross my i's and dot my t's! Busted!

JRB, maybe the car will resurface, or the owner will find this thread...

Notice in the second ad that shows the interior of the "car factory".

F&J, it's all very scammy, as the Standard Catalog points out, with great relish, I might add!


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