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Early F&R axles; Moon,Cad,Durant,Ply,Essex,Buick,1 unknown


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Listing for a retired friend that has no computer. All the parts are in Eastern Connecticut. No shipping is offered, so you would have to arrange pickup here.

Early car front and rear axles.

I will add a new post for each brand name to keep the pics sorted.

****EDIT: Sorry, The Cadillac axles & wheels have been sold*****

First up is Three early Cadillac; two front ends and one gutted rear end. Wood felloes, reputed to be 1915??? One front wheel has some sort of speedo? adapter. One of the rotted wheels has fallen apart but all pieces of it are here.

****EDIT: Sorry, The Cadillac axles & wheels have been sold*****







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Plymouth rear axle with wire wheels. I think it must be 30 or 31 just going by the hubcap opening size and the 19" rims. Good donor for swapping to wire wheels?


Check the next post for a possible matching front end with wire drums.


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"Possible" 30 31 Plymouth front end. It's mixed in this pile with a Chevy torque tube rear and a Ford rear.

Wire wheel drum style. The owner had no idea, but it sure looks like a Mopar front end to me. Hyd brakes, plus it has those strange tapered end spring shackle pins like my old 29 DeSoto had. $100


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UNKNOWN make Big car front axle. Huge drums and looks like it was wire wheels. The measurement in the pic is from backing plate to backing plate. It is massive looking and seems a bit narrow, maybe just because of the beef?

It has remote oil lube lines to the joints.

Any ideas to what it is from?

EDIT: SORRY, THIS FRONT END HAS BEEN SOLD. One viewer ID'ed it as 1933 Stutz and arranged the sale. Thanks!



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Soory no pics on these two yet:

One 30/31 Model A Ford front axle with drums and wishbone $30

One mid 20's to early 30's Essex front end with wooden wheels, and rims.$75

That's it for today. Maybe more old parts will be showing up, and I will list them as they arrive.


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Are the hubcaps on the Moon front end marked Moon? Could you get a couple of good close up photos of the brakes? They look like early Lockheed hydraulic brakes and if they are the same as are on my 1925 Stanley Model SV 252, I'd be interested.

Thank you!

Don Hoke

The Hoke Stanley Steamer Site

Yes, both hubcaps have the "MOON" logo. I will try to travel to my friends home later this week to get closer brake pics and get some measurements, The brake parts seem to be in very good condition from appearance.

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