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66 Clutch Pedals Wanted

Steve B

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Please let me know if you have a clutch and brake pedal set that will fit a 66 GS Skylark with a manual trans at a reasonable price. I think pedals from 64-67 manual trans Skylarks, Specials, GSs and wagons will work.<P>Thanks <P>------------------<BR>Steve B.<BR>67 GS W/455<BR>66 Nailhead Convertible<BR>

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There is a `67 GS in a salvage here that had a set the last time I looked...if some don't turn up let me know I'll look next time I'm there,it should warm up here in a week or two,don't know what he will want though...any idea what they are worth?<P>------------------<BR>`65 Wildcat<BR>`66 Skylark <BR>`67 Riviera GS

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