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1953 Roadmaster For Sale

Guest rustinginpeace

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Guest rustinginpeace

1953 Buick Roadmaster 4 door equipped with working Air Conditioning. MUST SELL!!! :(After 6 months of being laid off I can no longer pay storage for this car. I need to sell it ASAP as I have depleted my rainy day fund. This is a very nice example of the 50<SUP>th</SUP> anniversary of Buick cars. I bought it with the thought of restoring it as a surprise for my 25<SUP>th</SUP> anniversary with my wife; I drove one around when we were dating in High School and thought it would be nice to drive to the Buick Nationals on a second Honeymoon. The car is the same today as the day I bought it. Car came from South Carolina and has a body I believe to be 99% free of rust. I have only gone over the car with a thin magnet; no actual work has been done by me. The only bondo I have found is above the driver’s headlight. Checking on the inside of the fender it appears the bondo covers either surface rust, or a very small dent. The only replacement metal is a stamped floor pan piece the previous owner put down on the front passenger side floor, not welded in. Had new carpet put in some time ago. Paint is close to original color redone a while back but has chipped off in a few spots. Overall could look good if buffed out, I planned on new paint and redoing the interior in grey cloth. Came without a rear bumper but I found one here in Ohio that will work as a driver, no guards though. Car is missing some other misc small interior parts. I have not taken any time to do anything to this car. I bought it had it delivered to Ohio then drove it two miles to indoor storage where it has been parked. It is now parked outside at my mother’s house covered by tarps. This car is very clean on the frame and suspension parts, I have pics of the underside and a video of the motor running. Email me and I will send additional pics and a complete rundown of the body front to back (every nick or scratch or chip) and the interior upon request. I have documentation of just over $6000 in professional work for this car all done over the past 7 years. I would like to get $5300 for it but am open to any serious cash offers. I would like to have this car delivered to a new owner prior to Christmas so that it can be put back inside a garage out of the weather.:(



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Guest rustinginpeace

53super- just North of Xenia.

:(Since It appears that everyone wants something for free, and to those people here is the $1500 car you are looking for 1953 Buick Roadmaster For Sale in Casper, WY 82604 , I am going to strip this car down and part it out. As I pull it apart I will be listing the parts here and on several other sights, as the car was. I may even look at ebay for getting rid of the parts. First on the list will be the running motor and tranny, $1800- I believe I have receipts for twice that in work. Then will be the complete working AC including compressor, evaporator and all of the pieces parts and clamps in between and back to the trunk as well as the intake ports, and inside duct work and switches $2300. After this I will be selling off the body, stainless and chrome. Main body and frame are scheduled for the local recycler after my torch cuts it up, he said I should get about $235 for it. As before I am open to offers but if you want parts for free please bother someone else not me. I can find room for the parts and hold them as long as necessary. Sorry for sounding bitter but has the market for classics really dropped that much? When the last person called me and said he would haul it away for free I wanted to, best that I not write what I said or threatened to do to him.

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I have been where you are at with some cars I have sold. The modern car culture is for baby boomers with retirement money to purchase finished cars, ready to drive. For a project car to get any buzz, and I will limit it to Buicks, it needs to be a highly desirable model. And then, this forum is the last place you should aggresively advertise.

Those of us who view this buy/sell are usually interested in what is being offered but we are not buyers.

You could lower your price drastically and may still only have a small pool of potential buyers. I still think a good barometer is a well presented ebay auction. ebay has no insertion fees any more, so you can post a well presented auction with at least 10 photos for about $5.00.

Run it for 10 days at a reserve and don't tell anybody the reserve or even hint at it - and the market will tell you what it's worth and what the interest is (interest = viewing counter at bottom)

To come back on here and state that you can't believe there isn't more interest is pretty common but not accurate. Look at my footer - I have 3 project cars and a survivor. I'm doing all I can to buy these sorts of cars. But I have very little time to immerse myself in the hobby as I am a 46 year old father of 2 working 2 jobs.

Few people are doing projects any more. They don't have the time, money or tenacity to finish it (including me)

I highly doubt you will get $2300 for your a/c set up. But you are always welcome to try. I think - at least - it's applicable to Cadillac and Olds as well but even though it's 1st year, it's not highly desirable. There is an assumption that 1953 cars are not air conditioned.

$1500 for the motor and trans. Again not likely because of the weight. You can't ship this stuff so the potential buyer has to be within an earshot (150 miles or so) and be really motivated. I personally would want to rebuild anything I purchased even if the seller said it was running.

Your big money should be in the smaller ebayable parts off the interior, and trim. The larger parts won't sell for your reserve on ebay.

I know of one other BCA member and forum user that is unemployed and has a half done project and he is keeping the car through his situation. I recommend keeping the car as it will be a source of relaxation and enjoyment as a pastime after you become re-employed.

But I would refrain from coming on here and expressing surprise that someone has not made an offer on your car. As mentioned, they call this a Buy/Sell forum but very few cars are sold off this site.

Having documentation of work done (labor and materials) is irrelevant. IF you would keep this car, it would cost $20,000 to $30,000 to restore it. But no one would pay over $13,000 to $14,000 for a number 2 restored 53 Buick Roadmaster 4 door sedan and that pool of buyers would be small.

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Guest rustinginpeace

BJM- this was the last place I put it. I had not expected it to sell from here but thought maybe someone in to Buicks would know someone that is interested in a project that could be driven around for a while prior to digging in to it. The last Buick I sold was listed on a sight in England and eventually sold to a gentleman that paid over my asking price as well as the cost to ship it overseas. Prior to that I sent a car to the Netherlands. So US sights are usually the last place I expect to sell a car on, unless it is a Nissan or Honda (I do not own any) but being unemployed I wanted to maximize my exposure. I was once like you and tried to rescue every car I could, at one time I owned 10 Rivieras 71-73, 2 63 Rivieras, 5 53 Buicks, a 52 Roadmaster, a 76 Electra 225, a 71 Nova daily driver, a 78 PU for picking up parts, an 81 Regal and many others. These were all bought locally. I come to this sight because we all have the same thing in common, when better cars are built…..:)

As for the asking prices on the parts they are a starting point. When I was at OSU my freshman year my dad gave me some advise that has stuck with me. I was filling out financial aid papers and put down the exact amount that it would cost to go to school for the quarter. My dad advised me to change this to the maximum amount that the bank was willing to loan. His advise- ‘the bank can always give you less then you ask for but will never offer to give you more then you ask for’. He was right the bank gave me less then the max amount but more then I needed. The extra was put in my checking account for unexpected expenses which we all know happens (Murphy’s law). You are right about the weight being a hindrance, but the last running motor I sold was shipped to Florida, cost the buyer just over $300 freight. That was motor only. The price on the AC is pretty close to what I believe it is worth in parts. A compressor, used not known if working, recently sold on line for $700, my system is charged and working. Since I am also selling all of the other related parts I have no doubt that it will get me close, all be it selling it off in pieces. I already have an offer for the chrome dash switch of $100 (looks as good as new), and $175 for the evaporator. Add in the compressor and all of the interior chrome and plastic parts associated with the system and it comes to more then the $1500 I was offered by a man in Kentucky for the whole car. It seems that there is some interest in the AC, maybe more then in the car itself.

I have been watching the market on several auction sights and watching Hemmings. Here is a Roadmaster that looks like the one I sent to England- Buick : Roadmaster:eBay Motors (item 260503149442 end time Nov-14-09 09:28:41 PST). My surprise was not for the lack of offers on this sight, never sold anything here and don’t expect to. My surprise was for the fact that so many people out there, calling themselves Buick fans, expect to get something for nothing. Every car I have sold has been from Hemming’s or a European web hosting sight and has always included “irrelevant paperwork”. When I buy a car that someone says has had this or that done to it I expect to see documentation to prove the work is legit otherwise the asking price is going to come down. Documentation is the only proof that a vehicle is #’s matching, all original, low mileage or was maintained in a way that will allow the new owner to get what they are paying for. The Roadmaster I sold and the Regal both came with all of the paperwork back to the original owners, service maintenance and repairs. I have no doubt that it was this irrelevant paperwork that allowed me to get the maximum amount when I sold both.

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