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SE coupe article; Check it out!

Guest SteveB

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That is a great looking, very rare car. Too bad the article contains the old myth about the Airflow being a failure. This is just one more GM lie that won't die.

In fact the Airflow was a commercial success and a technical success.

The Airflow was meant to celebrate Chrysler's 10th anniversary by being a super deluxe, more expensive model highlighting their most advanced thinking. It was not meant to be a mass market car, and it was priced higher too.

They sold 1 Airflow for every 2 of the conventional Airstream model, not bad for such an avant garde design in the depth of the Depression. Other luxury car makers were lucky to keep their heads above water, let alone sell a brand new, more expensive model.

Furthermore, practically every car that came after the Airflow was essentially a copy of the Airflow. If you don't believe me, look at any typical 1932 or 33 (pre Airflow) car. Now look at the 1934 to 37 Airflow. Now look at any car made from 1938 on. You will quickly see that none of them look like the conventional pre 34 design, they all copy the Airflow silhouette with the minor improvement of fatter fenders.

Contrast this with that horrible flop, the Cadillac V16. The comparison is apt because both were the flagship models of their respective companies. When Cadillac brought out the V16 they called it America's most exclusive car, with production being limited to 5000 the first year. What a laugh. They made that lemon for 10 years and never sold 5000 in the whole time.

Unlike the Airflow the V16 was not a success and started no trends. In fact it was the Airflow design that showed up the V16 as being old fashioned, inefficient and unnecessary.

Eventually Cadillac got wise, dropped the V16 and copied the Airflow like everyone else.

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