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'36 Buick oil filter


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The oil filter is a tough one they were a throw away cannister that clamped on the engine side plate. I have heard of restorers putting a modern filter inside of this throw away. If the '60 series is like the '80 line the jack goes in the tool compartment under the front seat. On the front seat riser there should be clips to hold the jack handle, again under the front seat. Also I have an original '36 jack (with stop tongue) that is available. Send me a PM on it if you are interested. Bob

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32 Buick Registry ( Mac Blair) has oil filters for various models from 1928 through 1936. They are a correct exterior with an internal fitting to take a modern screw on canister filter. I am not sure that he has one for your exact needs. I don't have master parts books beyond 1933.


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