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Mystery Vehicle


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I have not been able to determine the make of this vehicle. It may be an assembled car of low production. It looks to be about a 1912 - 13 vintage based on the styling of the body. I'm pretty certain it is not a Cadillac, Maxwell, EMF, Overland, Oakland, Hupmobile, Chalmers, etc. Any ideas??




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Guest Gary Hearn

I am virtually clueless on the early cars, but think the leading edge of the front fenders, the straight line of the back of the front fender, the shortness of the aft end of the rear fender and the "beltline" trim on the doors should provide clues.

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Dan, there is a little difference in the rear fender but I feel sure your photo is of a Stoddard-Dayton. Here is a photo of a 1912 model.

Dan, I see the photo did not attach. I'll attach it to a thread of my own here called Stoddard-Dayton.

Examined the Stoddard-Dayton photos again. They are not a match. Guess I spoke too soon.

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The car looks like a 1911 Everitt, four door touring. The large hex aluminum hubcaps look like Everitt, also the rod shown under the rear end was used to help support the exta weight of the trans axle. The 1912 Everitt looks the same but the door handles were moved to the inside of the car so the one pictured is not a 1912.


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