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1939 Buick Color & Trim ID Document


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If you go down to the Buick Club Forum, and then look at a subject concerning 1939 Buick leather interiors and go all the way to the second to the last of the many inputs, you can see what all of the color and trim combinations were that were available on any 1939 Buick. This is good information if you are a judge or a 1939 Buick owner. In trying to help a couple of guys form Australia and New Zeland with this kind of car, I finally scanned in this Buick Engineering Department document. Then I had to get help to upload it to the site, but it's there now if you're interested.

Note that the paint colors listed do not denote which are metallic. To see that you have to go to a color chip chart put out by DuPont or one of the other paint companies.

Look for it under the Buick Pre-War header.

Best regards, Earl Beauchamp

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