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1 of 1 1998 Riviera w/Northstar V8


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Al, et al:

It's a real deal.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took of this car when it was part of the display that Buick brought to the ROA event in Eureka Springs, AR in 2005.

I don't remember the paint changing colors though.

There was also a concept convertible at the show. I remember my wife and saying that it was too bad that Buick didn't produce the convertible with the Northstar system; that would have been one desirable ride.

In the background of the picture of the convertible you can see the Northstar Riviera, as well as Silver Arrow I, and a silver Riviera with the hood up; it was the last one to come off the production line in 1999. The underneath side of hood is signed by every GM employee who had a hand in building this last unit. Also in the background is the transport that hauled them all to Eureka Springs. (Silver Arrow I no longer moves under it's own power; it has to be pushed.)

I'm sure that everyone recognizes the fourth picture. A couple of lucky ROA members got to drive it. I understand the GM recently sold it as well.


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Wow, I didn't even realize that this was one of the cars that GM brought to Eureka Springs. I was at that show, but I guess because it was my first ROA meet I was so excited to see so many Riviera's in one place that I didn't realize the significance of this '98 at the time... thanks for posting the pics Ed.

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Didn't you win some kind of award in Eureka Springs. Something like "Best in Show?" ;) I knew you were there, but couldn't for the life of me figure out why you couldn't picture the car. Perhaps that little award made you forget about some other things. LOL

I remembered it because one of the other ROA member's had a 86 with a bad motor and a friend of his had a Northstar engine. He got really excited about the possibilities and we discussed it for quite some time. The last I heard, it was still a pipe dream.


I errored on my original picture. I originally inserted a picture of a different car. My bad and my apologies to Al and Sherry.

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Given that Olds Auroras and Riviera of that era were on the same body platform, it could well be that the NorthStar V-8 was a "bolt-in" situation. In digging around in the GM parts database back then, I discovered that the front subframes for DeVilles and Park Avenues were the same replacement part. At that time, I thought it could be neat to have a NorthStar'd Park Avenue, but some might consider it heressey, when a SC3800 would have been more accepted.

Perhaps a similar situation existed with the Aurora and the Riv? Same platform, just different exterior trimmings, and different engines to support their respective owner demographics' orientations?

Just some thoughts,


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