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priming 4cyl DB oil pumps


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Somewhere along the way here someone made mention about priming the 4 cyl DB oil pump by pouring oil in the check valve. That works but is terribly slow. An easier way is to simply pour the 5th qt of oil in through the crank hole using a flexible hose funnel. There is a baffle in the front of the pan that holds oil around the pump and when you pour oil through the crank hole you submerge the pump. 5 qts is the correct amount for the 4 cyl engines. Just pour the last one through the crank hole and you are ready to go.

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Guest Backyardmechanic

Hi Dave;

Sound easy Yes But I doubt that this will work,as the only way oil gets to the pump is from the two copper lines one coming from the pan the other coming from the check valve. the top of the pump wish bolts to the pan is closed. The way we prime the pump & engine is thu the oil galleys with a pressure tank there's a pipe screw under the tube bracket back of engine where the oil line to the gage bents a 90degree to go up the cowl to the gage.Then after we get the gage hook up again we turn the engine until pressure is showing at the gage before we attemp to start the engine.

Works for us.

Until next time


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Hi, after what I have been through , I believe everyone is correct. the book said pour oil in crank hole. however this is difficult, but important, so I removed small starter cover and put a quart in here. It is a must to do this as it oils the chain. Yes remove oil plug at back of motor , I used an oilcan pump and pushed oil in till it appeared at the ball valve end. Crank motor but do not start it, until oil is pushed out the plug hole, then start motor check oil pressure, if all is well don't believe it. Remove plug again and turn motor over till oil appears. I wish I knew this before I seized my new motor. Also make sure the oil tube plugs are put in at the right end. front one has a hole in it to oil chain. If anyone wants to add more to this you're welcome.

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