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1990 90+ orig miles. Probably as good as they get

Guest halofaller

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Guest halofaller

I am the second owner. It has that wonderful pewter? sparkle exterior with a lighter gray interior. I think the first owner used to show the car because it has every piece of documentation since the car left the dealer. Rather than list everything that works I will disclose what does not:

The cigarette lighter.

Here is the VIN: 1G4Ec13C91B903857

Everything else works and is in excellent condition. Just turned a little over 90k miles.


Leather: supple, no rips or tears anywhere

Rugs: always covered, look new - includes original floor mats

Paint: Nearly flawless and original. Even the pinstripes are black and look fresh.

Streering wheel: Could pass for made yesterday

Glass: All perfect and original

Tires: Get new ones. They are serviceable but new are need only from age, not tread.

Both sets of keys, owners manual with pen and all that stuff.

There are pictures of this car in the forum if you look under my name. I am perfectly willing to take pictures of any area of the car you want. When you see the pics posted on this forum you'll notice that the engine bay is cleaner than most cars fresh off the factory floor. The original owner babied the car, so have I.

It was driven in a light mist once, otherwise not in the rain and you can tell by looking under the car. Easy to tell if a car has a wipe down (you can never get into all the nooks and crannies). This one is super clean.

What does it need? Nothing. Should be a show winner.

Looking for 4k. Will deliver in the US via flatbed for expenses only (trailer rental and fuel, nothing else).

Why am I selling it? Simple, I bought a motorhome for full time and don't want to turn this into a tow car. The paint is near perfect and the glass is, would not stay that way as a towed.

PM me for pics if you want. I'll post some if I get a break this week.


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