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1942 dash knobs

Keith L.

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Hi Keith,

I went through my archives of Lincoln photos and these are the only ones I can find of 1942 dash knobs. The letters look like a really dark red to me.

It would appear that not many folks take pictures of their dashboard!

Perhaps someone else can come up with some better photos. Maybe even a 1942 Lincoln OWNER! What a concept!



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Thank you Phil and John for your answer.

Earlier this summer I took on the project of molding and casting '41 dash and interior plastic. Well it's fall and I'm finally done. Attached is photo of the complete set.

I would like to thank Dave Springer and esp. John Murphy for their assistance in this endeavor. Without John's help I could not have done it. The knobs are "peach glow" but the photos show them more brown than they actually are.

Still looking for '41 steering wheel donors for my next epic journey. I have a restored '41 wheel for a mold but I need the metal rings of several old steering wheels. Wheels that can't be saved.

Thanks for letting me share.




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I'm alive. I'm terribly sorry. I haven't checked my PM in months. In fact I forgot I had that option.

I visit this site often but rarely log on. so I never see any blinking light to tell me I have a message. You can reach me at kc_lee@cox.net;

BTW. IN about 3 months I'll be molding and casting '40 and '41 steering wheels. Looking to buy old donor rims for those years.

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I got your PM, thank you for your questions. Yes, please look for any beat-up old zephyr wheels for my project. I will reimburse you for any cost of the wheel plus shipping. Also I will pay you a finders fee. This offer is good for anybody going to a swap meet and finds a '40-'48 wheel. The worst shape, the better. Remember, I'm only using the metal rim and center, all old plastic will be removed. I am recasting the wheel, NOT restoring with fillers or bondo.


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Rare indeed. Could you take some close-up photos for me of the '42 wheel? Question: Did Lincoln use the exact same mold for the '46-'48 wheel? Esp. the vertical lines left and right of the horn ring. After I mold the '41 wheel (in pre-production) I will be working on the '42-48 wheel. If you find a pristine '41 wheel for trade, I would like to talk to you about buying your old '41 wheel...or some sort of trade for a new repro wheel. Dave, you are familiar with my work and I will be putting the same quality in the wheel repros.

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Went through my archive of photos and found this. Here are two pictures of the wheel from the restored Tucker in the Merle Norman Museum. It is indeed a '42 zephyr Wheel. Also, this is a longshot but this gull wing wheel looks a lot like Dave's wheel except it doen't have the chrome stripes on the center bar.




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Guest V12Bill

Keith Ls lower picture looks like the wheel in question. The Packard wheel appears to come out of the hub at the 3 and 9 o'clock position whereas the wheel in question appears to originate at the 6 o'clock position or on a tangent to the hub. The Tucker did have the 42 wheel.

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