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Cooling fan testing

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Hey everyone. I just got my 1989 Buick Riviera back from the shop. I had the A/C system converted and fully serviced. Blows nice cold air now! Amazing!!! I remember coming across an old thread that showed how to test the cooling fans. I did this today, at least I think. With the engine off, car in park, but key in on position, I went into the diagnostic mode and into ECM override. I scrolled down to fan relay #1 and commanded the fan on. The big fan that sits behind the radiator came on low speed. I then went to fan relay #2 and commanded it on. This time, the same big fan that sits behind the radiator (puller fan?) came on at a higher speed. No problems with that. However, I noticed during testing the smaller fan (pusher fan?) that sits in front of the radiator never came on at all. Its the small fan that is closest to the grill and in a plastic screen protector. Is there any way to test that fan through the diagnostic mode? Any help would gladly be appreciated. Thank you!!!!


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Damn. That isnt good. I had the car running with AC on at one point. Only the big fan behind the radiator came on. The smaller pusher didnt budge. Either a bad relay or a bad motor. Thanks for letting me know both fans should be on Daves89. I will check it out maybe Monday afternoon.

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Something is wrong. Both should come on slow with the a/c on, only the 88 had a ballast resistor. I'd check the wiring and the connector first, just lost the puller on the TranSport that way and had to wire in a new connector.

Actually, I'd just try to turn the pusher by hand first - it may have frozen.

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