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Rear seat wind shield

Richard Lichtfel

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I picked up a Fryer-Auster tonneau shield at Hershey. I want to use it for the back seat of my 1916 Peerless touring. It is patented 1911 so they must have had them although I have never seen one before. My question is it mounted to the floor or the back of the front seat? It will fold down and when up it is adjustable about 2 feet fore and aft. Does anyone have any information on these and how they mount?

thank you, RHL

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The model I have for my '30 Packard (not that brand) is mounted to the rear of the front seat, but also has braces to mount on the floor, straddling the fold-out jump-seats of our 7-passenger phaeton. The bars swing toward the rear, allowing the windshield to slide toward the rear passengers. We have a canvas tonneau to further shield the rear seat passenger(s) as well - it snaps to the front seat area as well as to the rear windshield frame, kind of serving as a soft dual-cowl.

These are a rare find -- do you miond if I ask how much you had to give for it?


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Thank you for the reply. Sounds like it is similar to yours, I didn't think they made them for the earlier cars but this one seems to fit. The wing windows are gone but I can make those, the rest is complete except for the mounting brackets and I would prefer mounting it to the floor rather than the back of the seat that is finished. This too has snaps along the bottom edge of the window. I was wondering what they would be for.

A friend of mine had it at Hershey and gave it to me, it's not in the best of shape but I don't think it will take much to restore.

Thank you, RHL

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