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1940 lincoln continental convertible

Guest kram

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Phil, Would love to here from Dale Cole. He can reach me at 847 548 2277 or snail mail Gages Lake Auto 18409 W Gages Lake RD, Gages Lake IL, 60030. All information would be greatly appreciated. Here is the vin # H107111











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Thanks for posting the additional pictures. You have a terrific car!

The Columbia 2-speed rear axle was an option. Surprisingly, not all buyers bought one.

1941 Lincolns were offered with TWO optional overdrive choices. 1941 was the last year that the Columbia axle was available in Lincolns, and the first year of the Borg-Warner transmission overdrive. Amazingly, the original owner of my 1941 Lincoln didn't buy either!

A 1941 Lincoln with BOTH overdrives was reported to have won a fuel economy run in 1941. That car must have been a real SLUG in compound overdrive.

I have sent you a private message containing Dave Cole's address and phone number.

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Phil, Thanks so much for putting me in touch with Dave he has really done his homework. He knew the car was built July 1ST 1940, it was the #342 car built. The vehicle was purchased in Long Beach cal. Dave thought the original purchaser was Randolph Scott, I thought it was someone from the McCormick family. If anyone has further information it would be greatly appreciated. WOW!!! WOUDN'T THAT BE SOMETHING IF IT WERE RANDOLPH SCOTT. HE WILL DO SOME MORE DIGGING FOR ME.

Thanks in advance


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