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General info for '30 Master Sedan

Guest FredManwaring

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Guest FredManwaring

Hi to all,

I am a new owner of a 1930 Buick Master 57? Sedan. Forgive my lack of expertise but I am new to Buick and trying to understand the model. It was a US source export to Australia, leather interior, Fisher body.

The car is in very good overall condition with some restoration work done, this generally in keeping with the year.

What I need to know is where can I obtain books, guides, workshop service manuals etc etc that will help me in the general maintenance and overhaul of the body, drive train and interior. What is the name of these, please be specific as there seems to be many variations.

A workshop manual to strip and overhaul the mechanics is wanted.

I want to retain and/or restore as much as possible to original specifications.

Also a list of suppliers for parts and restoration material for the year greatly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation for getting me started.



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If you are not already a member of the BCA you might want to strongly consider joining.

One advantage is the list of Technical advisors for the different Buicks and the Semi-annual

BCA Roster.....the roster list all the cars by year and owner, you can then find the owners address and phone number and gain further information from them. Many owners will help you in any way they can.

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Hello Fred,

I guess you have purchased the Jeff Branch 1930 model 57 so I presume you live in the West.

This is a link to the Western Australian Buick Club site


There is a lot of information about the local club, including some photos of your car under the members cars section.

There are a number of 1930 Buicks in WA but most are the 40 Series with Holden bodies. Buicks were a favoured make in Australia pre WW2 and many have survived.

Have a look under events on the website and you will see the local club activities, you are most welcome to attend and become a member and you will find a number of us who have restored or are restoring 1929 and 1930 Buicks.

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Guest FredManwaring

Thanks to all the replies. Much appreciated. I have joined the local Buick club and will make myself known soon. Regards Fred

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