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Mr Riviera

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Guest ErikDurocher

Hello Dick - from a fellow San Diego Riv lover,

Did you ever find the Carter Carb? If so, any tips on where to get 2 more??

I'll likely buy a '65 Riv GS that lost it's dual 4s intake & carbs -now w/ single quad. And I found a guy with the correct '65 2x4 Intake w/ code 1370316B I'll buy for $400 delivered. He has fitting "correct" Edelbrock carbs brand new still in plastic & boxes he'll sell me for $250 ea. --

So, I'm seriously considering getting the carbs from him too since I can't find any place stocking either Carter or Edelbrock quads that fit. - I read in this forum I think, that 2 Edelbrock 400cfm quads would be a good swap (unknown source or cost). I wouldn't mind burning less fuel...

TAPerformance apparently has some extra Carter Cores that may work but they want $125ea + $450ea to rebuild -wasn't clear if these were correct 3925S & 3645S.

I know having non-OE Edelbrocks would detract some from future value/origniality judging points but I'm not too concerned there & would rather save the $650ish on carbs.

Any thoughts or tips on Carter 3925S & 3645S sources??

--Maybe see you cruising your 65 around San Diego sometime - what area are you in?

Thank you,


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