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R W Burgess

Carburetor Problems!????

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The "inferior metal" issue with your carb ( and other early die-cast"pot-metal" ) is due to high lead content in the alloy, causing "intergranular corrosion" - literally corrosion at the molecular level...

The result is that the metal expands and cracks, then crumbles. Pot metal parts inside of other parts can jam from this swelling.

Once it begins, there's no way to stop it.

Sadly, most pot-metal made before the Depression seems to suffer from this "disease", not only on cars, but also talking machines and other objects that required complex detail castings.

Good luck with the Essex !

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Final update!

The rebuilt carburetor that a friend brought me has cured my cars fuel ills. I also had to use a separate fuel tank to overcome the original tank's contamination problems. Just wanted everyone to know that the Essex is running again.

Happy days for everyone.


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