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1990 Coupe for sale $2250.00


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Tried to post this earlier but dont know what happend to the post. For sale 1990 Reatta Coupe black with tan interior

Miles 128000. Owner says the car is in good shape with everything working. New battery and tires and regular oil changes.

You should contact him direct. His name is Davd and can be reached at 818-364-5217 or dyret@verizon.net

This is being posted for Dave as he could not log into the AACA site

Chuck Kerls


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I spoke with the seller earlier today (I did not inspect the car). Here is a link to the listing on Craigslist: 1990 Buick Reatta

He is the second owner as of a couple years ago. Car has some paint issues (roof needs a new coat) but otherwise the exterior/interior is said to be in good shape.

Mechanically, both the brake and anti-lock lights stay lit. Per the seller, an independent mechanic determined it is a bad sensor that will cost $600.00 to replace.

As the car is located just a few miles away from me in the San Fernando Valley area of L.A., if anyone has a serious interest in the car and wants me to inspect, please notify via PM.

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Guest Kingsley

I some how missed this one on CraigsList as I normally watch it closely and it is literally in my back yard. As I cannot drive, Dave very nicely drove it down to me.

The matter of the ABS light has benn previously reported on by Bushwhack.

The previous owner and Dave have spent a good bit of money on the car - new radiator, water pump, accumulator, conversion to R134A, new battery and others that I do not remember. He believes that he has the receipts to back all of this up. The overall exterior appearance of the car is quite good with the exception of the top and this has been mentioned. Appears to be a clearcoat problem but neither the hood or the deck lid show any evidence of this whatsoever. Seems like a bitof sun fade on the carpet around the around the area behind the seat. Trunk is pristine on top of the carpet and underneath. Tires are almost new - GEOSTAR 225's and look good. Rims look good - only need a bit of cleaning up/polishing and did not see any roughing up.

Has the CD and 16 way power seat which he says is fully functional. Seat condition is what you would expect at this mileage.Some scarring on the lower front end fascia trim piece - a fairly normal situation. I had to replace a drooping headliner before but have never noticed one that has deterioration occurring in the top left and right hand corners at the rear glass. Undoubtedly just an age issue urged on by sun exposure. Two sets of keyless entry remotes.

I have run CARFAX and is it completely clean. First entry in aout in '93 and fully a California car from then on. I have given copies to him and will be glad to furnish to any interested parties.

Important - he has indicated that he will drop price to $2000. I would buy but have ambivalent feelings of just owning it only to sit fallow plus some folks just do not like idle cars around. Further quandry - three young grandkids use all of the open area for their robust bicycling, soccer, general display of an abundance of energy and all for their activity. Having owned three (Reattas not grandkids) I miss having one just to tinker with.

It is a California car and that speaks a lot. I can easily check other specific points for anyone - - just let me know and if I weaken you will have to beat me out!


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