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1910's/1920's Cast Iron Heads - Packard


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I have here a couple of very old cast iron heads.

The first one (bottom of picture) is from a Packard - with part number "324285" cast into it as well as "6-7". Looks to be from a 6-cylinder engine.

The second one (top of picture) is not marked by any manufacturer, but does have "168411" and "3-6-13" cast into the part. I'm thinking the "3-6-13" might be the date code....possibly 1913? This appears to have been from a 8-cylinder engine.

Any help on their identification would be great.



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I also had this third one, as shown below. This head is a New-Old-Stock part....it was still boxed up in a wooden crate with two copper gaskets.

This head only has the markings "2000" on the top-side center area.

It was originally blue, but it was also lying in a damp garage floor for years, which shows with the surface rusting.

The two copper gaskets that were included with the part are labeled "JXA" and "JXB" as well as "Victor 849".

Maybe the head can be identified by the matching head gaskets. ??????

Any ideas would be appreciated.







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Guest Gary Hearn

Based on the gasket, it may be a JXA or JXB. I think many of them were used in truck and industrial applications. I will see if I can locate some of my literature and come up with a date.

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Guest Diamond Jim

The six cylinder JXA is a Hercules and it just so happens I'm rebuilding a 1932 Diamond-T with a "JXA" engine. I've found a parts manual and service manual from a tractor site that covers this model. I'm new to this site and would like to find out what other vehicles used the Hercules inline 6 flathead of the early 30s......

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