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1955 Citroen DS

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I'm posting this for a friend of the Vintage Auto CLub of Ocean County NJ>



Hi Doug, my name is Jennifer. You may remember my husband, John

Fabrizio, who died of a heart attack 4 months ago. He used to frequent

your car shows with a 1975 black and yellow citroen 2CV. He was in the

midst of restoring a 1955 Citroen DS and had most of the body work less

2 doors and the hood finished. I'm not sure on the mechanics. The

reason for my e-mail is that I have to move in three weeks due to

financial stress and was wondering if you'd know anyone willing to buy

this car as is for the best price they'd give me at this point to get it

off my hands. I have to take my husband's prize possession (the 2CV)

with me and another Citroen he owned and simply cannot store all three.

I am willing to take as low as $2,000 - including all parts he may have

bought for the car already. I know he has a new steering wheel, and a

lot of lableled extras that were already purchased. Like, I said, the

restoration is almost completed and he did a wonderful job at that. The

car is black. If you could help me in any way, I'd be grateful. I'd be

willing to let anyone look the car over at any time and except the best

offer I'm given at this point, I'm sort of desperate. If this is a

terrible inconveninece, I apologize for the imposition. 609-242-4340.



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