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Mopar parts late 50's and early 60's

Guest 69GTX

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I have a pile of parts. I have identified some and would like to present these for sale. If you have interest in any of these, i am open to a fair price. I have

a lot more to go through and this is just the beginning.

Intake manifold:

# 2206000 Fits a 1962-1966 413,426 RB engine. (Freshly painted)


# 2445647 Fits a 1964 "C" Body with a 413

( has a tag on it that says Valley Rad Srv)

# 3869963 Fits a 1975 Imperial with a 318.

# 2898038 Fits a 1968 Charger with a 273 / 318

( has a tag on it that says Reading Radiator works)

Radiators have great looking top and bottom tanks but are damaged

in the core area. The Pentastar and part numbers on them clearly readable.


# 2206324 Fits 1961-62 383, 413 or 361 (4 Bolt Rocker Covers)

# 1851509 Fits 1959 361, 383, or 413

All heads are dirty and would need complete inspection.

Thank you for you time and interest.


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