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1923 Buick 23-4-39 Restoration Progress- Pictures


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Started with the basics yesterday, got the battery charged and went to hook it up. Found a bit of corrosion on the battery cradle, so I cleaned it up, also missing one metal strap. See pictures.

Ah the wonders of Duct Tape. Was wondering how to easily lift the battery in and out of the cradle, so I constructed a lifting strap out of good 'ol duct Tape- see pictures- works great!

Hooked the battery up, and power was good all over. Head lights, tail light and horn work as new. The instrument light works as well- but, how do you shut it off? I don't see a switch for it. See picture #7.

Tried to see if the starter would crank, flipped the switch to ignition, amp meter pegs over to about 15 on the discharge side. Stepped on the starting pedal, lights dim, amps go to zero- and nothing. No crankage. Suggestions?

Went to test the hand crank, and found that it just spins, does not connect to anything, doesn't catch. Doesn't pull out as if the rod is broken, so I would assume that whatever it is to catch on, is broken. Suggestions? See picture.

Poured Marvel Mystery Oil down the cylinders as well- will do so again today.

I will keep you all posted. Dave










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Here is a pic.were you put on and off instr.light,just turn left off-right on.

Try to puch the crank pedal a couple of time to the bottom.I think it will work if you do it distinct.Are you sure you puched the crank hard enough against the engine.

Leif in Sweden.


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Leif is correct, turn the little knob counter clockwise. Also when it is off you can push it in, and it will light until you release the knob.

The starter linkage is all mechanical. You are not pushing hard enough to engage the starter. Have someone push hard on the starter rod, look at the starter/generator. You should see the plunger being pulled out, and the third brush moving into position. If this is not working take the cover plate off the starter generator and observe the mechanical action and make sure things are at least moving. Next, take off the linkage over the flywheel starter drive and make sure things are lubed and move freely. It is a simple assembly once you see how it works.

On the crank, you have to really push in to engage the dogs. You have a big heavy spring that you have to compress.

Good luck, you are getting there, keep asking questions.

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Leif and John, thanks for the insight. I did find the owners manual with reference to the instrument light, should have figured that easy one out. As for the crank, it is definitely not engaging. I pushed, twisted and tried like heck to get it to hook on something, so there something amiss in there. Great advice on the starter, I will keep you posted as to the progress.

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More photos from Sweden.If you are trying to use the hand crank remember to put the ignition on Range,otherwise you maybe will broken your thumb.

Dave,it would be nice to see and here when the car will start for the first time on Ytube????????

Leif in Sweden.





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Leif, wow, you have pictures of EVERYTHING! They have been a great help! The crank is definitely not engaging, so something is amiss there. The pin is OK, see my last picture, I am assuming that the engaging nut is broken- your 1st picture. I will look deeper next weekend. When she does actually get to the stage of cranking up, I will have a video ready.


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Dave, you may have to lube some of the moving parts for the starter push shafts to move smoothly especially after it has been sitting for so long. Also when you turn the ignition switch on you should hear the starter/generater rotating as it is in effect an electric motor at that time. If not it is probably poor contact with the brushes on the armature and they should be cleaned up as well. Leon

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Dave; Here are more photos from Sweden.As Leon has written, it`s good if the starter-generator is rotating but it isn`t absolutly nessesery,if you can puch the gears in right possition with the pedal you can start the engine anyway.But the rotating make it easier to puch the gears in right possition.

Good Luck to you.

Leif in Sweden.






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