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Wire harness

Harry Connors

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I need some advice on who to order some or all of a wiring harness for my 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe. I pulled the dash unit off of it yesterday to get it ready to repaint - has a lot of chipped paint but no rust or dents - and discovered that a good portion of the wiring harness was gone. The same for the rear lights and stop light harness. The rear harness was cut just under the trunk area for some reason. This is the original cloth covered stuff and it is all brittle so I think I should replace the remainder or at least all that is brittle. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Harry

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Try Rhode Island Wiring .

A shot in the dark, but they duplicated my 30 Chrysler CJ 6 harness back in the early 80's because they didn't have a pattern. Gave me a little discount.

They were great people to work with and the harness is an exact duplicate of original.

If you have enough of the complete harness they may be able to duplicate and leave you enough length in the rear of the new harness to run the wire to the correct places.

Tell them what you have and send them your old harness.

Bill Harmatuk

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