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1954 merc 2 dr hdtp gas tank

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I have searched most of the big guys web sites and sent messages to several asking for a new gas tank for my 54 merc hdtp. No one says they have one. One guy said a 56 ford would fit. Does anybody have a lead on one or can tell me what will fit?

Any one repair or epoxy the inside out in Portland, Or?


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If a local radiator shop cannot repair your tank, they may be able to refer you to someone who can. They might be able to make one also. My local shop custom fabricates tanks if the original is missing or to deteriorated to be repaired.

Thanks for the info. I did contact a local radiator shop and they gave me a couple leads which lead to one that does repair tanks! They will pick up locally, repair it, epoxy coat it inside and return it with a warranty! Thanks again mercman86! Dave

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