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2 Thumbs Up for Barney's Headlight Kit

ol' yeller

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Actually make that 2 headlights up. Fast shipping and quality parts. The info instruction sheet was very good as well. My rollers had turned to dust although I did replace the bellcranks as a precaution. It took me about an hour for the first one and about half that for the second. Thanks Barney!


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Guest squiretom

I also have used Barney's parts with great success. However , when I repaired the driver side bell crank , I must have put the ball links joint on backwards. There is a lip on one side and flat on the other. The lights worked fine , then only the pass side turned. Tried switch several times , no help. Door opened manually and then worked for awhile. Then same problem. I guess the link with the ball joints bound up every so may cycles. Reversed the ball links today and so far both lights work. I will report later if this was a problem.

Still , Many Thanks to Barney

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