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Here's what they are, NOS, in Buick boxes, complete sets, standard bore:<P>1388983 Chrome, '59-'66, 401<BR>1388562 Production type,'59-'60, 401<BR>1388963 Chrome, '61-63, model 40,41,43 V-8, 215<BR>They were $32 in 1966 for chrome, and $22 for the others!<BR>Unfortunately I don't think there is much of a demand for standard bore rings, so maybe $25 a set, if they don't sell here, they go to ebay, and if not there, I'll sell the boxes!<P>------------------<BR>Roberta<BR>BCA TREASURER 2000-2001<BR>BCA PRESIDENT 1998-2000<BR>BCA VICE PRESIDENT 1997-1998<BR>WEBMASTER<BR>Director-Michigan Chapter- Gran Sport Club of America 1989-Present<BR>http://www.geocities.com/buickracer<BR>1956 Special 2 door Sedan<BR>1966 Wildcats<BR>1968 GS-400 Convertible 4-speed<BR>1970 GSX Stage 1<BR>1970 Skylark Racecar - 11.26, 118 MPH, 7/22/00<BR>1986 GN, 4800 miles

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