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Would the guy that uses the name 'BLACKOUT' please contact me, I have no way to get in touch with you, and, I believe I can help you with your questions. I believe you have been in touch with Dave Corbin and he gave me your name, but, I can't get thru to you, thanks, Paul

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This forum does definitely work, Jared, the new owner, called me today, probably just a couple of hours after posting the question, and we talked for about an hour. Now, the good part. Jared is going to put the car back to the way it should be, '42 Roadmaster 2 door sedanette, Black-out model, 76-S (H). It is the only one that I know of, so, it should be a great car. And, he is only 27 years old. How about that ? And, he is going to join the BCA. Paul

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Guest DaveCorbin

To all here:

I checked Jared's (Blackout's) numbers for him. The numbers do match and point to a last or next to last day of production car, very unusual and maybe the last surviving prewar Buick! Almost certainly the last surviving prewar 76S!

It actually has the highest prewar frame number I've seen and one which tells me that Buick shut down with at least 20,000 frame numbers unused and unbuilt, but assigned and in their production plan!

Anything any BCA'er can do to help a new member of our hobby with this very rare and unusual car would be a contribution to the history of Buick and the USA.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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