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Pre-WWI Spark Plug Charts?


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Try Autolite 3076 or 3077 plugs. They are a hotter plug made to fit old engines....

Autolite: Traditional spark plug

7/8"-18 tpi Thread, 16mm (5/8") Reach, 15/16" (23.8mm) Hex Size, Gasket Seat, Non-Resistor, Heavy Duty Center Electrode, Removable Terminal, .024" (0.61mm) Gap, Heat Range 6

Autolite spark plugs are engineered for every type of internal combustion engine. Heavy duty or larger diameter center electrode is designed for long life during extreme conditions. Special design for Ford model A & B.

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I heard a story once that at least some of the early Metz cars used an extra long spark plug... I have a couple and they fit a hit and miss engine I have... One useful test would be to measure the spark plug hole from the edge of the opening to the piston chamber... If my information us correct the distance will exceed 2".. If this is correct other plugs will fit in the hole but the spark will occur so far from the chamber that ignition will be less effective.. as for books and references good luck.. I have a few that covered off major car brands but unusual brands like Metz... I have never found... tractor references are also very hard to find . My earliest car sparkplug catalogue is 1932.. prior to that all I have is references from dealer catalogues

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