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Ebay:1928 Henney Hearse with 1942 Chrysler straight 8 engine. Duesenberg parts?

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Please see Ebay auction # 260491787264. There are 23 photos on the auction. PLEASE NOTE: Myself, and Invision 2000 are posting this Henney Hearse for a friend in California. Any particular questions, please call or email the owner, where the car is located, 60 miles east of Los Angeles. Winner is responsible for shipping arrangements: Owners name: Joe Buckmaster, 1321 Sapphire Street, Mentone, Calif. 92359. His cell is 909-380-4725. His home number is 909-794-6059. His email address is: j_buckmaster@msn.com Winner should pay Joe directly by cashiers check, rather than Paypal. For a complete discussion of the Henney professional car company, along with lots of photos, please go to www.coachbuilt.com . Once on the home page, scroll down to the professional car category. Then find Henney, and click on it. Up for auction is an extremely rare 1928 Henney hearse or ambulance. It started in LA County, then was bought in the 1940s by a college fraternity, and made into a hot rod, rat rod. It was in running condition when parked. In the 1940s its original Lycoming or Contential straight 8 engine was removed, and the present Chrysler straight 8 engine installed, which is 323.5 C.I. , 140 H.P. The serial number on the block is C36N49277. The serial number puts the engine as a 1942, and it was in a Series 36 car, which would have been a Saratoga, New Yorker, Imperial, or Town and Country wood woodie. Either way, the engine is quite rare and valuable in and of itself. I am not certain, but it appears to have a manual shift/fluid drive transmission. The straight 8 motor was used in many years in the 1930s and 1940s Chryslers. The Henney body is very sold and virtually rust free, always being a Calif. car. The car comes with its original radiator, front fenders, most of the body and doors, etc. The cowl area, instrument panel, and rear fenders are missing from the vehicle. However the roof is still intact fully, as the cowl must have bolted off of the top. This 1928 Henney body and frame are slightly different from the 1929-32 Henney’s, which I have owned 3 of. The Henney family were friends of E.L. Cord, who owned Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg, Lycoming Engine Co. and Columbia Axle Company. My three 1929-32 Henneys were 156 inch wheelbase, and Henney purchased their chassis frames from Parish Frame Co. of Chicago. All 1929-37 Duesenberg Model Js, of which I also owned 3 at one time, also bought their frames from Parish Frame Co. The Henney and Duesenberg frames are very similar.My 3 Henneys also had Columbia front and rear axles, that were very similar to the Columbia axles used under 1929-37 Duesenberg Model Js. This car ,like my 3 hearses, has 4 very unusual lever front and rear shocks. Finally this car, like my 3 hearses, has a Ross steering column and steering gear, that is ALMOST IDENTICAL to a Duesenberg Model J Ross steering column. That is also a VERY valuable piece. The wheelbase on this hearse is 153 inches, not 156 inches, like on my 3 hearses. HOWEVER a Duesenberg long wheelbase frame is ALSO 153 inches long, and this frame may also be similar to a Duesy frame. I cannot guarantee the frame is Parish or the axles are Columbia, like on my 1929-32 hearses, but there is a strong possibility they are. The wheel rims are not factory. I believe a Chrysler collector could take out the engine, and spin off the body and frame, or a Henney guy could keep the body and frame, and spin off the Chrysler engine. Plus a Duesenberg guy might want to buy the car for the frame, axles, and Ross steering column, and spin off the engine. Also a rat rod, hot rod guy might want to take this massive frame and cut it down and make a period speedster, racer, sprint car, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless and the project is much more valuable than its $2,495 opening no reserve bid, if one is willing to part the vehicle out and advertise the parts individually. What you see is what you get. Again please refer all questions to Mr. Joe

Buckmaster at the phone numbers and email address above. Good Luck! George Albright, Ocala,Fla. Email; gnalbright@gmail.com











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