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41 Lincoln wheel pinstripes


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My painter is trying to locate the pinstripes on my wheels. Does anyone have an original wheel with the pinstripes for measurements? I believe the center stripe is 1/8th wide, the two outer stripes are 1/16th wide. How much distance in between? How far from the edge where the rim and wheel meet to the first stripe?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

John Walker

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Hi John,

Here are a couple of photos I just took of an original 1941 Lincoln Wheel. I'm afraid the sun was at a bad angle to read the tape measure, but perhaps you can see it.

Yor are correct, the narrow pinstripes are 1/16" wide and the wide one is 1/8". They are 1/8" apart and the first pinstripe is 15/16" to 1" from where the rim meets the center.



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