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Starting a 1911 Chase at Hershey 2009


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A few years ago I followed a newly restored YELLOW!! (as yellow as it gets! beautiful!) 1914 Winton runabout from the shop to his home. It was a joy to watch him run around and turn this and that, move a lever here and there, and once she started... ka .....pa... ka......, ka....pa...ka... ka paka kapaka... then he ran back around turning the same knbs, moving the same levers until she smoothed out. Love them early cars!:D

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Thank you for the vidio. I looked at this car and wanted to hear it run. I saw him come into the show field but was too far away to hear it. I have a Great Westren gas engine built in 1905 that is two stroke one cylinder, but have never heard a 3 cylinder.

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Guest DeSoto Frank

VERY, very cool ! :cool:

We passed by this on our way into the show field, noted the three cylinders, and "odd" crankcase configuration, but never once thought about the possiblity of it being two-stroke !

There was at least one other 3-cylinder / two-stroke car present - a grey & white 1950 DKW hardtop.

Thanks for posting !

De Soto Frank

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