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1929 Flying Cloud Reo Sedan

Guest Rwchap36

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Guest Rwchap36

Year: 1929

Make: Reo

Model: Flying Cloud Sedan

Price: 10K (car only)

Description: My father is in failing health and I need to help pay for upcoming expenses. This car is about 85% completely resotred. Blue exterior with a dark blue top. It has not been worked on in several years but as far as I know is more than 100% complete. The motor and drive is in it, the body is on and the next part is wiring, interior and work on the back fenders. This car is a beautiful car, but I cannot finish the project for my father.

My father's garage has a LOT of old car parts. Many of them are NOS he tells me. He has so many parts for the 29 Reo he said he could almost build a second car (minus that actual body etc).

My father also has a fair amount of parts for early years of Buick, Olds and others. He also has many boxes of literature for older cars (1910 - 1950).

I DO NOT HAVE A CATELOG of what he has in the garage. If you want to know of certain items, I cannot answer that question.

My ideal situation would be to sell the car, all the extra parts as well as all literature, NOS parts etc... as one. I would ask $20,000 for everything he has prior to 1950. I know he has told me many times that he has roughly 25K into the Reo alone.

I really would like to see this all end up in the hands of someone that can and will finish this project for him.

Location: East Tawas, Michigan

Contact Information: Ronald W. Chapman (son) Rwchap36@aol.com ; 915 309-0832

NOT listed on EBAY

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