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91 Reatta Wheels


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Just looked on the Lake Shore Wheel and Tire web sight,and saw they have 1991 Reatta whees for $135.00. Seems pretty reasonable to me if i needed new wheels for a show car. I suppose they could also paint them white also.They're located in Holland Michigan near Grand Rapids.

Their web sight is.....www.lakeshorewheeland tire.com

Phone #......1-616-396-1024

Is it time to start thinking about next years car shows ? ? ? :)


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Unless they have magically "found" some, they do not have these. They are shown in their online catalog for reference purposes, and can be ordered online, but you will end up getting a notice or a phone call that none are available. This happened to me, as I tried to order a set about 1 year ago. They do have inventory of some wheel styles on hand (more popular ones I assume) and apparently have a means of searching inventory for wheels they then refinish and sell to fill orders for those not in stock.

They tried to locate some for me and about 10 days later they sent me a email canceling the order as they struck out. Note that you can ship them your rims to refinish, but then you have to put the car on blocks or have spare wheels with tires mounted while they are off being redone.

Also, none of their rims include hub caps unless they are specifically listed in the description.

I wish they did have these, as I would gladly buy a set at the price offered, but since they are rare rims, there are very few to be found it seems, and no standing inventory waiting to be sold.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is what I've found with Lakeshore as well as other refinished wheel suppliers. It doesn't hurt to check, but don't be surprised if you find out they aren't available.


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