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1964 Wildcat 4 door sedan...

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Yesterday, I went to a junkyard and I saw this 1964 Wildcat 4 door sedan. It's in bad condition but it has an unusual interior that is similar to the interior in some 1965-66 Canadian models I have seen (including mine). It has Electra 225 armrests and power window switches. Were there similar door panels found on the US models?

Unlike the 1965-66 models, the front seat has no center armrest.





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Could be an elusive Electra-Cat. I have heard rumors throughout the years that Buick would sometimes combine Electra and Wildcat features on these cars made from 1964 to 1966. We had a member of our local club that swore he had an original factory 1966 Electra with a 1966 Wildcat front clip. I saw pictures of it before he removed the drive train for another project. And, indeed, it was an Electra body with a Wildcat front end. But it had the Electra interior. It wouldn't surprise me if someone ordered a Wildcat with an Electra interior.

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Here in Canada, before 1967, Wildcats that were sold here were built in Oshawa. It was the most expensive model built there as the Electra 225 and Riviera had to be imported (and before the auto pact, they were taxed).

The hardtop coupes and convertibles sold before 1966 had standard Custom trim, standard consoles and standard automatic transmissions with a console and standard tachmeter. In 1966, the console was an option just like in the new Riviera.

The 4 door Wildcat models were also available only with Custom trim and that includes the 4 door sedans (which had model numbers 46669 in 1965-66).

The in 1965-66, hardtop sedans were available with the all vinyl interior and notchback front seat like the US Custom models or with at extra cost with a cloth bench seat with center armrest similar to the one used in the Electra 225 Custom. The door panels were similar to those of the base Electra 225 but the cloth was the same as the one used in the Electra 225 Custom. Power window switches ad door armrest were like those in the Electra 225 too. In 1965-66, when power windows were ordered in any Canadian Wildcat model, power vents were also included. That was not the case in 1964 or on other 1965-66 Buick models available in Canada.

This was the first time I saw a '64 Canadian model Wildcat 4 door sedan. I don't know much about 1964 Buick interiors so that's why I posted it here.

Here are pics of my '65 46639 with trim code 980, I know someone who has the same interior (but in green) in his '65 Wildcat but the trim code in his car is 978.




Here's a 1966 4 door sedan model 46669


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Derek, the 1966 Wildcat 4 door hardtop was available with both the vinyl notchback seat and the cloth bench with armrest. The cloth bench was available at extra cost.

In the 1966 4dr sedan, only the cloth bench with armrest was available and in the hardtop and convertible coupes, the vinyl notchback bench was standard and the buckets were available as an option.

All Oshawa-built Wildcats had Custom trim in 1965-66 and they had model numbers beginning by 466 (even the sedan): 46637-46639-46667-46669. I think that all 1964 Wildcats built in Canada also had Custom trim.

This page of the 1966 French Canadian brochure shows the 1966 Wildcat Custom cloth bench seat.

The first paragraph says: The bench seat represented on your left with a useful retractable center armrest is among the standard equipment on the 4 door sedan and is available at extra cost on the 4 door hardtop.

<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://img38.imageshack.us/img38/5910/0001520.jpg' alt='0001520.jpg'>

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Look at the photo of the 65 Shifter. Granted it's 65 but it's straight.

Look at the 64 parts car and notice the shape of it and what looks like a "floating" collar. Again the automatics would have a similar collar.

Oh well. Just a thought as I could envision that "three on a tree" movement with that shifter whereas I normally don't think of that

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I know the '65 shifter is different (the black '65 Wildcat is mine). And the '65 LeSabre with a 3 speed manual trans had a shifter knob similar to the one of the '64 Wildcat pictured above.

But here's a picture of another '64 Wildcat with an automatic transmission, look at the shifter.


Here's a '65 LeSabre with a manual transmission the knob is similar to the '64 with automatic transmission but the shifter is also straight.


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