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A public Thank You to Dave Berg for AACA Library Auction efforts

Guest BruceW

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Guest BruceW

I just wanted to give my public thank you and recognition to AACA member and past AACA president Dave Berg for his recent efforts for the AACA Library & Research Center.

The L&RC started off "Hershey Week" with its biennial literature auction on Monday, October 5. Preview of the over-900 lots of antique automobile literature (consisting of duplicates of items in the L&RC collection) was held from 8:30am to 10:00am with the auction commencing at 10:00am. Dave (who is also a licensed auctioneer) conducted the auction which lasted until 6:00pm. He kept the bidding lively and constant all through the continuous 8 hour auction.. while taking no bathroom or rest breaks himself.

Since there has been no official announcement of the results, I will let someone like Steve Moskowitz or Chris Ritter announce the total money brought in by the auction. However, I will say this.... when we held the auction two years ago, it generated about $25,000 for the L&RC and we were all elated at the success. But from what we hear this year... Dave Berg almost doubled that amount through his non-stop ironman efforts!

Thanks Dave!

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The library raised over $46,000 at the literature auction!

In addition to thanking Dave, I would also like to thank all of the AACA staff & the Library & Research Center Committee for their hardwork setting up the auction & their efforts on the day of.

The library was able to raise money and many of the bidders found good deals. The next L&RC auction will be in 2 years, but we will sell some items on Ebay before then.



AACA Library & Research Center

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Guest Bookreader

Our committee thanks Dave Berg for his auctioneering on the past Monday. His voice held out, so did other "parts." He did this as a volunteer and that was one entire day of hard work.

If you have never been to this auction; put it into your plans for two years from now.

I had a pedometer on that day just for fun and walked 4.9 miles and went only in a circle around the room in the Hershey Region Lodge.

That brings me to another thank you. To Mary Neff for the food served to those at the auction and to Hershey Region for providing the lodge for our use. To Nelson Neff for help in our set up and clean up. All of this type of support takes people and again, our AACA members proved their loyalty to the AACA Library.

All of this and these folks helped to raise the money to support the AACA Library and Reseach Center.

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Guest Siegfried

Darn!!! I got tied up on Monday, and could not get to the auction. I missed a memorable event.. Dave, do it again in two years......

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