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Anti lock brake light on


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About two weeks my antilock brake light came on in the red Reatta. I read the code thru the aldl and it read code 27. Tuesday night went over to my friend and we read the code again and it said 22 no second code 27. He tested the antibrake unit on the Teves and that was within tolerences. Also checked the wires for continuity, everything seemed fine. We both thought it was the ebcm. I went to the u-pick yard and grabbed one, installed,no difference, light still on. Then I thought, I have 2 '89s, the black one is good, swap out the ebcm.

I checked first to be sure light in dash goes out, it did, so I swapped them out. Light is still on in the red one. Tried the "bad one and the one I got from the u-pick in the black one and both are good as once again the light goes out in the dash.

I put the original ebcm to the red one back in the red one, so everything is back as it was.

Padgett had made some reference to the codes being incorrect. Should I be looking at my sensor leads?

Any thoughts?

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Well the first thing I would do is to disconnect the driver's side sensor (connector is by the frame rail behind the air cleaner) and see what new code shows up. Compar the new one to the list and see if it matches. The second new digit to flash should fe a 1 or 5 (first digit could be 3,4,5,or 7). if 2 or 6 you have the same mismatch mine does.

This creates a baseline.

That said I have never seen a wheel sensor trigger a 2x code.

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