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1960 Buick Magazines For Sale


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Two excellent-condition issues of Buick Magazine from late 1959, covering the 1960 model Buicks.<P>One issue is a "Special Report Issue", introducing the 1960 Buicks and including commentary from editors and writers of several well-known magazines. Many photos of the new Buicks, including test track photos of a LeSabre or Invicta with the 6-window 4-door hardtop body style that was actually offered only in the Electra 225 series.<P>The second issue is the November and December, 1959 issue, which includes additional advertising and coverage of the 1960 Buick. There is somewhat less "auto" coverage in this one, but one interesting page shows the Buick engineer-approved accessories for the 1960 Buick. The suggestion is made that these would be perfect Christmas gifts for Buick owners. If that was true then, it's certainly true now.<P>I'm asking $40 for the pair of these, which includes the cost of postage within the U.S. If you are interested, please e-mail me at:<P>laurance@integrity.com<P>Thanks for your interest.<P>--Brian Laurance, BCA #5168

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