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Transmission w/overdrive

Guest Bruce Trimbath

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Guest Bruce Trimbath

Hello all,

I have an overdrive transmission that has been in my garage it seems like forever.

I really don't know what make it is and I can't seem to be able to post pics with this post.

The tranny is complet w/uv joint and solenoids for the overdrive. The pilot shaft is 1", the front spline shaft is 1" 3/8 with 10 splines. The u/v joint is 1" 3/4.

The only numbers I can find on it are,




this is how the numbers appear on the side.

It is very heavy so it would be costly to ship but I will be attending Hershey on Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday and could bring it with me. I will also be heading for Florida in December and could put in my pick-up for a meet up.

If someone thinks they can identify it and is interested, I think I can put pictures thru an e-mail. I have no idea what it is worth so I can't put a price on it but is negotiable.

My e-mail is


Cell phone,


Thanks for taking the time to read and any help is appreciated.

Bruce Trimbath

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To add images on the bottom of the screen Click "go advanced"--> manage attachments ---> "browse" (to find your image on your computer) ---> "upload" (then done). Be sure to check on the upload screen they are attached by scrolling down

Have read there is a limit of 2000 pixels when posted as an attachment

If you do not a graphic software to resize images try IrfanView - Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide, Free to download with many features.

You can also add images to a gallery. Check your User CP (Control Panel)

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