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1960 Buick Convertible frame

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I have a 60 Invicta convertible that I am trying to save. The car needs and entire bottom. It's been sitting on its belly for 25+ years. I have a good 4 door hardtop frame I would like to use but I know the frames were different. Does anyone know how they were different?

Is there extra bracing that I can transfer from the convert frame to the good frame?

If it can be used I would like to start the restoration of the donor frame and weld in the factory reinforcments.

I don't want to get this thing torn down yet unless I know I can do something with it.

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Dear 60 Buick,

Going by my limited Knowledge of similar 1959-1961 Cadillac X type frames,

you will find the convertibles have an additional pair( LH & RH) body supports

extending out from the center towards the anchoring for the top cylinders

near front of the rear floors. Also I noticed on my 61 Cad Convert

that there is an extra Gusset plate rather crudely welded on top of the forward part of the x just behind the end of the transmission. I would think the shop manual might have a frame diagram for this.

Good Luck with your project.

John B

Western Mass

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Sorry but, like most cars, the 60 Buick's convert frame is different--even within the same model (where wheelbases are common).

I cannot tell you the details of the differences, but for sure it has a different part number and different quantity/locations for body mounts. I do not see any "bolt-on" features on my convertible's frame, so I doubt it is something you can easily upgrade to. Also, consider that if they were interchangable, Buick would have commonized them for service applications, and this is not the case.

Perhaps someone with extensive hands-on experience on 1960 Buicks (Mitch, are you out there?) will comment on this, and provide the details of the differences between convert and closed-car frames.

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First off, the 1959 and 1960 Buick did not use an X-frame configuration but a K under the front section only. It picked back up using an X in 1961-1964.

With this in mind, when they did not use an X on a perimeter frame they usually add a steel flange on to of the side rails for strength.

The 59 and 60 are the only Buicks (or G.M. car) with this particular frame so you will be restricted with those two years and make only for replacement.


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If you have both cars why don't you slide underneath and look? My guess is that the frame will fit although you might have to modify or reinforce it. By looking at the old frame and taking some measurements you will soon know for sure.

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