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F/S:1900 Crest Crestmobile TWO cylinder engine! Will have at Hershey

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PLEASE NOTE! I will be in Hershey from Sunday through Wednesday afternoon ONLY,with the motor in my possession.If you are a serious buyer,and want to inspect it,and it has not been sold,call me. I have the right to end the Ebay auction of this motor early,as the engine is also for sale for $3,900 on www.hcca.org and of course at Hershey. Up for sale is a motor that no one knew I had in my possession. I acquired it in 1999 from Crestmobile expert Lowell Kimble,of Nebraska,in a trade where I sold him my all original one cylinder 1901 Crest Model A one cylinder automobile. I know of 3 others like this motor in existence. One was in a 1900 Dykes runabout that David Kalzow restored a decade ago,and was at Hershey several years ago. It was red with white tires,and is now in England. Please see the research I have enclosed from 3 sources,on Crest cars and engines. It appears this 2 cylinder,5 H.P. engine was built in 1899,1900,and 1901 only,even though the company built cars and motors in 1902,1903,1904,and1905. Crest was one of the VERY earliest engine builders in America,that provided customers loose engines to power their own vehicles,carriages,buggy,etc. It is VERY rare,and historically correct to power any 1899-1905 vehicle. The crankcase and jugs,and heads are excellent. I found in very small numbers, "595" stamped on the crankcase. It does have both of its atmospheric inlet or poppet valves in it. It is missing one valve guide. However the other is there to copy,and is easily made out of brass stock on a lathe. The main thing missing is both inlet valve cages. However someone took alot of time to replicate both of the valve cages out of brass stock,even cutting baffles inside of both of them. They may or may not work. However I have seen missing valve cages made out of plumbing fittings,on other early engines,that were actually running. Plus it appears from the diagrams that the one and 2 cylinder Crest engines used the same valve cages,so you could get with the owner of a one cylinder Crestmobile car or engine owner,and replicate his valve cage,probably rather easily.The motor comes with its original inlet manifold,made of plumbers pipe,and a Kent Atwater 2 cylinder coil,with the last patent date of Nov. 22,1904. Finally included with the motor is a KILLER brass riveted circa 1900 fan 16 inches in diameter,to use as a cooling fan for the air cooled fins.The flywheels are inside the crankcase. The engine is 31 inches long from the very end of the brass valve cage to the very end of the other brass valve cage. The crankcase is 6 1/2 inches wide,minus the drive shaft,and 11 1/2 inches wide with the driveshaft. The driveshaft is 3/4 of an inch in diameter.The motor weighs about 80 pounds.The price is $3,900. Shipping by UPS will be $150.00.Please email my personal email for more photos. I will also have with me at Hershey my circa 1903 Curved Dash Olds clone engine,that was recently on Ebay,but did not sell,for serious buyers to inspect.My Aster and De Dion Bouton quadricycle and tricycle engines have both been sold. Feel free to ask questions. Good Luck! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. Email: gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624 . PS I will have my cell phone,I-phone with internet access,and laptop,at Hershey.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->










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I'm outta here! Will have this Crest engine and the curved dash olds clone engine at Carlisle Sunday,and Hershey Mon.-Wed. only,then back to Fla. Crest motor is on Ebay right now. Buy it now $3,900. Price for CDO clone engine is also $3,900. George Albright cell 352 843 1624. Email gnalbright@gmail.com Will have my Iphone and laptop with me.

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Engine is now for sale at Ebay auction # 260545412149 for a Buy It Now price of $3,500. My 1900-03 Curved Dash Olds Clone engine will be listed soon as a buy it now auction at $3,500. My 1900-04 Horseless Carriage project is now listed as a buy it now auction for $3,800. Photos avail for all by email. George Albright email gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624

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