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Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

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It is Wednesday, October 22nd, PM. Rather cool and rainy outside. A good day for inside activities. So took the time to mount the award medallion to the bracket holder that I bought from the AACA HQ. Had to enlarge the mounting holes a bit, but everything else fitted just fine. Now it is permanently mounted to the front of the 1923 McLaughlin Buick.

Wayne, our Corvette neighbor, has decided that our little town of Warrenton needs a Cars and Coffee event. Why should we travel 30 miles or so to attend one. So this Sunday from 8 to 10 we are going to gather a bunch of us and head to the local little mall area. There is a Starbucks there, so we will get our coffee too. Going to take the Avanti. Chris, you are officially invited.



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I found the NAPA commercial warranty, 24 months, how long have I had it, 25 months.

Our consumer guarantee laws would not let the seller or manufacturer get away with that. You could expect to get something back, possibly a full replacement. It is completely unacceptable for it to fail one month out of warranty.

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Chuck, yes and no on the leaking radiator. At the show we had to top it off for the loss during our steaming adventure, hence the anti-freeze sheen you see on the fins. But the neck is still broken on the top radiator tank. Our local radiator repair guy is still on the mend from his hip surgery. We do not know if he is going to reopen. I am going to take the radiator back off during the winter and see if I can get it repaired. I can still use the car, just cannot fill the radiator up to the top only to just above the bottom of the top coolant tank.

It is Friday, October 24th, and we have a report from Greg.

"Glenn Miller wanted to know the degree of happiness I achieved with my idea to authentically brighten the 1910 Overland restoration. Knowing that I'll be moving the chassis from storage, I decided to buy and mount tires on the wheels beforehand. The tires were ordered during my Hershey swap meet death march. Along with the tubes and flaps, they arrived in good time.

The wheel and tire combination on this car are "high pressure, straight sided 34 x 4 (diameter x cross section). A ring on either side of the tire and all secured by a lock ring. That's how you mount and dismount the tire from the rim. Although some were painted and most do get painted, these appeared to be protected with a coating which I believed to be zinc. (Am I allowed to say zinc in these EPA controlled days?)

Not being the one to take the easy way, I opted not to paint them but find a galvanizer. I did. Southern Galvanizing in Baltimore. They'd do them for (I think) $345 and on my Visa card. I'd be the guinea pig.

I tied the dozen rings into a bundle and took them to town for shipment. Fed Ex would carry the sixty-three pounds for $45. A no brainer, get them on the truck! Sure beat knifing my way around the DC Beltway and shooting my way back. The rings left on a Wednesday at four pm, I was notified of their arrival at SG. the next morning.

I'd felt safe with this place not only because they were not far away, but also because of the enthusiastic emails from Mr. Ewing, a Vice President in charge. He notified me the following day that they were done. Dipped in acid to clean them and splashed into a hot (820*F) galvanizing bath. They'd be shipped out on the first truck.

Monday they didn't arrive. Tuesday they didn't arrive. Told Wednesday morning that Fed Ex had called, the delivery was imminent and to have a check ready. $356?! Although too early yet for me to think, I did start a series of emails and phone calls to find out why I was paying for them again. Then I found out that SG, for safety of the rings, had strapped them to a pallet which made them truck freight and truck freight charges. Oh great.

When the truck did arrive, the driver looked at the bill and at the measly sixty-five pounds of freight, and blew a gasket . Standing in the road where we were to meet him on that cold windy morning, he started a phone campaign until he found a sympathetic soul at Fed Ex who cut the charge in half. That made my day a little brighter. It was like somebody only Peed in half my Corn Flakes.

Then as we transferred the rings from one truck to another, we counted three times. Twelve rings sent, eleven came back. Somebody did more than Pee in my Corn Flakes. Emails and phone calls. I could picture the ring in the bottom of a galvenizing tank , the size of a truck tire, or worse yet, in liquid form in the acid vat.

While I waited for response from SG, I called old friend and advisor Temple Baldwin in Idaho about where to find another 26" Firestone side ring. "No problem" says he, "Remember I sent you some 27" rings for the Stoddard? (I didn't) Cut one down to 26".

Then my phone rang, Southern Galv calling to say they'd overlooked the ring, it was ready for the bath, they'd get it out first thing UPS and they'd pay the freight. And to prove to me that they were concerned ("not bad people"), they'd knock $150 off the bill. All honest mistakes, I can't say anything bad about the place, in fact it's quite unusual for a firm to take interest, expedite, and actually seem to care about the product and the customer.

The wheels themselves were rescued from storage and last night began the old "fight the high pressure tire battle". Some buildup was removed from the rings with a die grinder to allow me to mount them on the wheel, but not bad. First tire combo took about three hours to complete. About right for the new and unstretched.

I'm enclosing some pics of the first two completed.

Glenn: Degree of Happiness 9+ I lost points for chipping paint, regained some for no blood blisters and tire iron contusions.

I really like the look. Fresh galvanizing against "Overland blue dark" and reproduction white rubber Firestone Non-skid tires.

Should anyone else decide to get their rings done, I'll be glad to give the contact information and a few tips to make the process smoother for all concerned.






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On Saturday, October 25th, Camaro Steve and I headed over to the next small town and attended their car show at the local airport. Thought I would post a few pics. Mostly hot rods, but a few originals. I like the airplanes the most.
















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It is Sunday, AM, October 26th. What a great day for cars and coffee in Warrenton, VA. First ever C&C event for our little town that we are aware of. We had a good turn out, ten cars plus one coming at the bitter end. We had a good time and talked of how to promote it to get more cars. We did have several folks who just drove by and stopped to see the cars and talk. We all had a great time. Going to do another one on November 9th if the weather cooperates. Chris showed up in his newly painted Avanti, it looked great. Wayne in his 64 Corvette, Steve in his 68 Camaro and others. Even an original 1941 Plymouth Woody came. He said that he saw the invite on the blog. I am sorry that I did not catch his name. Maybe he will see this and tell us more about the Woody. Greg showed up in his Maroon Avanti at the bitter end as everyone pulled away. Better late than never. Here are a few pics.










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I am the owner of the 1941 Plymouth wagon. It was fun on Sunday and nice to spend time with everyone there. I look forward to future gatherings but unfortunately I will be out of town on November 9.

My car is actually a collection of parts from various cars. I acquired the first one in 1988 in Ohio and towed it home to Virginia. I spent 20 years getting the car on the road. Over the years I acquired additional cars from Maryland and South Dakota to provide needed parts.

Jim Yergin




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Jim, it was good to meet you and see your 41 Woodie. Hope that we can catch up again. I will post here when we get together, C&C and other events. We are always doing something and will let you know what is up.

It is Monday, October 27th, PM. Been working on a snow blower all day. The story is that it was purchased in 02, used one winter, and then it would not start and the wheels went flat. There she sat in the garage until a few months ago when it came to our farm. I honestly do not know if it was given to us or just to use if I could get it going.

Last winter was tough. Cold and quite a bit of snow. I just used the tractor to push it around. But it looks like this winter is going to be worse with more snow. So decided that it being a nice day I should tackle getting it running.

It is an Ariens blower with 110 volt electric start. It also has a pull starter for for it 8 HP engine. The electric starter really spins the engine. I like that. I used the little Kubota tractor's bucket as a lift. Works great for getting it at eye level to work on it.

Well I tore into the carb and found out that the main jet was full of gunk. It was so hard that carb cleaner and air pressure of 130 lbs were just laughed at. I had to scramble around for something that would fit the holes in the jet. Well, finally a paper clip did the trick and I was able to bust through the crud.

I cleaned everything up, put it all back together and hit the starter. She fired right up. Thought I would take it for a spin, well that was a no go. A drive bolt on the axle was broken and she just freewheeled. No wonder it would not move on its own. I made a new pin and now she goes forward at a pretty good clip.

Why do the wheels keep going flat? Both valve stems are rotten so they go in tomorrow for new stems and a tire check. The tires themselves look good.

So we have a snow blower that works. Bring on the snow.





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John - I'm glad you did all that work to your snowblower. Now we can count on it being a balmy and dry winter! :P

Jim with the '41 Plymouth - it was good to see you and your cool car (and to now know your name). Great job sticking with that project and saving another classic!

And, not to step all over your thread, John, but here is a link to a story from the Washington Post about a Cars and Coffee event they hold every weekend in Great Falls, Va.:


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Chris, re the C&C at Kati's Coffee. I have been told that you have to get there NLT 5:30 AM to get a spot in the parking lot. Otherwise you are on the street with all the modern cars. That is way too early for me. We would have to leave here about 4 AM. It is suppose to be a great car show with lots of exotics.

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The story is that it was purchased in 02, used one winter, and then it would not start and the wheels went flat.

Sounds similar to the old story "It ran when it was parked X number of years ago".

Glad you persevered and got it running.

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Bill, it was even worse today. Another farm tale. The same neighbor also has a Honda GX620 2 cylinder 20 HP generator. I got it running after several years of sitting a few months back. It was easy, put in new fuel, changed the oil, filter, new battery, and put in new plugs. Well not that easy, ended up putting in a new carb. Then she ran great. Until last month. Seems now it will not run. So being a good neighbor and helping out freaked out folks thinking about loosing power in the winter storms, Alice and I headed back over.

I looked it over, drained and put new fuel in it, and hit the starter. Nothing. Pulled a plug and looked for spark. Nothing. After looking at the wiring diagram it has a low oil level sensor. On a whim I disconnected it. I hit the starter and she fired right up. So it was the oil sensor giving a bad reading. Oh, the generator and engine are twenty years old. Cannot find the part on the WWW. So right now she will have to run without it. We tested it and now provides emergency power to the house and well. She is happy. Just will have to check the oil every day if running. I don't think that it will use much oil as it only has 110 hours on it.

And here is a pic of the cleaned up snow blower with new valve stems in the tires. Hope they hold air now. I put it in the back of the white car trailer where the 23 McLaughlin Buick resides. Just fits, sideways. So both are sleeping, waiting for the first winter snow.





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It is Wednesdday, November 5th, early PM. All is quiet on the old car front. Been spending lots of time on farm stuff getting ready for winter. Got 250 gallons of propane yesterday so I think that we are all set with a total of about 400 gallons.

I received my detailed scoring from the Jaguar concours event. I received very minor deductions for fit and finish, but lost a total of 3 points (major deductions) for three things. First, an alternator versus a generator; second, an exposed to the eye plastic fuel filter; and three an incorrect oil line, which was braided versus a hard line. I should have known to fix the fuel filter and the oil line.

We were told that we came in third, but evidently we came in second. Here are the results.


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It is Thursday, November 5th, AM. For your morning coffee, we have a Greg report.

"I know, I'm way behind in progress reports. Trying to adjust to the change in weather , time and projects. The Avanti 5054 is dormant for the winter.

Resuming the Matheson engine project, I've begun swapping out temporary hardware for some freshly nickel plated. Of course this disturbs the ignition adjustments previously done, so it will be good to remind myself how I did it last time. And then I can try out that coil that Rob found for me.

I'm also trying to move the '10 Overland along. Three tires mounted and the fourth held up by repair to the remaining wheel. The rust damage has been sandblasted, primed and filled.

Touching up the rim itself has been hampered by not having a wet sample of the custom mixed Overland Blue Dark or the formula so I've sent the wheel to Rob's painter who is aces in matching color and texture of paint. I also like the fact that he deals with the firm who mixed this color for me back in the day. I hope he'll go ahead and blow the color on the rim and it will be ready for me to mount the tire.

And in order to move along, I've devoted some of my lunch time to prep of small parts on hand. The steering box a good candidate to get underway. Rusty gears and bearing races have been sent out for an estimate for duplication. Scaring up any good used parts has yet to be successful. Meanwhile the housing and related parts are getting prepped by glass bead blasting, some round parts get a cleanup cut in the lathe and all stabilized by brushing on some epoxy primer.

One photo shows a typical component after blasting which details the damage inflicted by time and man with a pipe wrench. I could duplicate this part easily enough, but I'm dedicated to restoring the car, not replacing it.

Also included a couple shots taken at a local car show. Barb is having a hard time trying to decide between the Agnes Moorehead T-bird and the undertaker's Corvette."







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It is Wednesdday, November 5th, early PM. All is quiet on the old car front. Been spending lots of time on farm stuff getting ready for winter. Got 250 gallons of propane yesterday so I think that we are all set with a total of about 400 gallons.

I received my detailed scoring from the Jaguar concours event. I received very minor deductions for fit and finish, but lost a total of 3 points (major deductions) for three things. First, an alternator versus a generator; second, an exposed to the eye plastic fuel filter; and three an incorrect oil line, which was braided versus a hard line. I should have known to fix the fuel filter and the oil line.

We were told that we came in third, but evidently we came in second. Here are the results.

Of you were dinged for having an alternator rather than a generator, why not put a generator back on and be original?

Here is a company that makes alternators that look just like a generator. Then you get the best of both worlds..


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Donn, thanks, will check them out. I know that they are available from XKS unlimited, a Jaguar vendor. The cost is about $700 for a 35 amp unit.

It is Sunday, November 11th, PM. Headed off this morning for our little Cars and Coffee. Four of us showed up. Just too cold for most folks. I think we are done until the Spring. But we had a real nice ride through the countryside. Great to whip up the leaves running down the road. Too much fun.

Arrived home and decided to remove the tachometer and clock from the Jag. The clock works some of the time, and the tach gave up the ghost over the summer. I did remove the cable from the tach and made sure that the cable was turning. Going to send both out for rebuilds.

I got the clock out pretty easily. The hot wire and two screws and it was out of the tachometer housing. Here is a pic. It is missing three tiny screws from the brass back plate. Sending it off tomorrow to Mike Eck in NJ. He does clock repairs by refreshing/rebuilding the clock and putting in a solid state control mechanism versus the mechanical points that are in the original clocks. Do not want a quartz conversion, which are available, because you would not hear the little tick, tick, tick of the original. Besides, it is only $75 to fix the clock.

I looked on how I might remove the tach. Lots of wires and not much room. Cannot see how it is attached to the back of the panel. Removed the radio to see if I can get a better look. Better, but no cigar. It looks like I may have to remove the center console that holds all the gauges. I can see the bolts (four of them) that hold the panel to the dash. Will see if that works tomorrow. If the four bolts come out then the panel will lay down and I will be able to get at everything. Here is hoping and wishing.

I found a good repair shop in NY. It is called Nisonger Instruments and Smith gauges are their specialty.


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It is Tuesday, November 11th, late PM. I want to thank all Veterans, past and present for their service. I have great memories of my four years in the Army in the late 60s. Spent all my time at Ft. Lewis, WA. I would also like to recognize my brother, Jeff. Jeff was a Lance Corporal in the Marines. In was killed in action at Hill 881 on the DMZ in VietNam, June 11, 1968. RIP my brother.

Well, a busy day. Lots going on at the farm as it was a really nice day. I changed the oil in the whole house generator. It is good for another two years. Hope I will not have to use it this winter, but it looks like it could get a real workout.

About noon I started work on the Jaguar. Time is running out before the latest polar vortex hits us with some real cold weather. It is now or never. I have been collecting tools since I was about 15. I still have them today. Also have my Dad's tools and some of Alice's fathers too. Good thing, I think I need a bunch from each set.

I was able to remove the four bolts holding the dash to the console. Tight, but did it without too much of a problem. Disconnected the drive to the speedo and then was able to pull the dash about four inches out. Just enough to get to the little clamps holding the tach to the dash. With the clamps out I was able to pull the tach out the back. I did not remove the lines to the oil and temp gauges. I had enough room to work. So I was able to keep the car in running condition.

So will box it up tonight and send it off tomorrow for a rebuild. I think that the cost will be right around $200. So I will have about $300 into the clock and tach rebuild. I also ordered four LED lights for the dash instruments too.

Here are some pics. It will be fun to put everything back together. Not much room and a lot has to be done by feel.









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It is Thursday, November 13th. Cold, just above 40 and possible snow showers tonight. Certainly not as bad as they are getting up North.

A couple of days ago I started looking for new tires for the Jaguar. They are now over ten years old, and one of the fronts has abnormal wear on its inside. So I know that the car is out of alignment. The tires now on it are Coker Classic Radials. They ride real harsh, squeal around the slightest corner, and the rubber feels rock hard.

Here are two pics of the tread. You can see the inside wear in one of the pics.

I have decided that I am going to go with the Firestone 3 and 1/4 WW bias tires. Universal Tire in Hershey, PA has them so I can head up there and pick them up to avoid shipping. No rush, so will wait for a day when I am bored and need a road trip. Here is a pic of the Firestone tire. Oh, they are $200 or so each.




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John, I know a road trip is fun, but if you figure tax and gas, versus no tax and shipping, it's easier to get them delivered to your door.

Of course, if you're going to the museum or such, then the fun is in the trip!

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I know a lot of folks also order Coker produced Firestone Bias Ply Tires from Summit Racing to take advantage of their free shipping. I don't know if they have the size that you are looking for, but they appear to have similar tires for $205 each with free shipping.

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What Matthew said about price/shipping!:)

others may have a differing opinion, but i'd go with possibly a softer sidewall radial. also, 10 yr old tires may have stiffened the sidewalls quite a bit. in any case, that old of a tire can be dangerous!


i have/had bias ply tires on my '40 and '51 Studebakers - Firestone Champions on the '40 and BF Goodrich Silvertones on the '51. both would squeal quite a bit on curves. ('51 still does)...

while Coker makes good tires, there are others out there that make a good product for classic cars.

hope this helps!!!

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It is Saturday morning, November 15th. Cold here for us, 28 degrees. Did you know that llamas are part of the camelid family? But unlike some camels they need water all the time. We have big water buckets for them, and in winter we have heaters in them to keep them from freezing. We have them turned on now. As the water get low I have to hump five gallon buckets of water from the house to refill them if it is freezing outside. Otherwise if the hoses are not frozen it is a easy fill. Usually we do not put the heaters on until December, but the polar vortex has hit us hard. We are almost 20 degrees below normal. That is the farm trivia for the day.

For now the old car stuff has been halted. But I did receive the little LED lights for the Jaguar dash lights. Here is a pic. The little LEDs are sure packed in there. Should only take fifteen minutes to do the installation.

Matt and Kerry, thanks for the tire advice. Summit Racing has the Firestone WW tires I want. All the vendors want the same price $197 each. But Summit offers free shipping. So that is a significant savings. I think I will order new tubes also. Might as well go all the way. Will let you know when they arrive.

The vendors have the Jaguar clock and tach. I expect that it will be a month or so before they come back.

Update: Well, I have ordered the tires and tubes from Summit. Two tires are on back order, but will be here on 12/2. Not a problem. Total cost is $864.


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November 20th, Thursday, late AM. Finally, we are coming out of the deep freeze. Been as low as 11 degrees at night and struggled to get above freezing during the day for the past week. I am not complaining considering all the snow that has been coming down up north. We are suppose to get into the 60s over the weekend.

As for car stuff, nothing is happening. I did get the new inner tubes for the Jaguar tires, which are coming the first week in December.

I did score a big win on Ebay today. I got condenser, points, and a rotor for the 1923 McLaughlin Buick. These are hard as hens teeth to find and when you do they are big bucks. I got the entire lot for $39. A really great deal.

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It is Sunday, November 23rd, AM. Just got a note/update from Greg.

"Well its been a while since the last communication. Lots been going on, not a lot to show for it. Nature of the business.

Day job has got me swamped with work. Enough that the boss wouldn't mind if I worked 24/7, but I can only do what I can do. Working on Curtiss OX-5 engines has even left me with a trophy. A finger splint. And now I know why they call that tool a breaker bar.

The Matheson project no longer neglected, I'm beginning to sort out the spark advance linkage and when installed I'll have to individually time the sparkers.

The 5054 Avanti and Dodge are hibernating in the cold storage. I guess they're still there. I'm not interested enough to venture up there to see. Maybe when the daffodils and robins reappear.

The '10 Overland. With the tire mounted on the fourth wheel, I've made arrangements to have the wheels pinstriped while they are off the chassis. Tom VonNortwick is driving up to Paul Rose's shop to do a customer car and I'm going to drop the wheels off there tomorrow . The plan is to have him match the striping I've already done on the undercarriage and rely on his talent to do the rest of the car someday. The factory photo is my blueprint."



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It is Tuesday, PM, November 25th. Just a few things to update you on.

I received the Jaguar clock back from the repair shop. It will wait on the shelf until I get the tachometer back. Looks great.

Received word from Summit Racing that the 4 tires for the Jaguar have shipped out of Nevada. Coming FedEx Ground so expect them early next week.

Tried to install the LED lights into the Jaguar console. They are too tall and will not fit. They do not go in far enough to permit the light housing to snap into the console. One suggestion from the Jaguar forum was to open up/spread the little tines of the socket so it locks into the console earlier than normal. Will give it a go.

Talked to David Coco/Trimacar about making a set of side curtains for the 23 McLaughlin Buick. David agreed to make them and knows that I will need them by the Virginia Beach AACA show. Here are some pics of my originals. The rear panels are the ones where fabric has been sown in, and the fronts are the ones where the isinglass is gone. There are two other panels and they are fillers between the front and rear sections. Remember these are over the doors and have to open with them. David is going to use them as templates and then come over and install the snaps and clips.

We are suppose to get a nor'easter late tonight and tomorrow. The weather folks are telling us to expect six inches snow or more. It looks like it is going to be a white Thanksgiving. Here are a couple of pics of our sunset tonight. It was spectacular.







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John I know you had the curtains at Hershey, but I did not notice the fittings for them on the car if there is no sign of of fittings ,curtains are not


So far we have only had 16 inches of snow that has melted but a good chance of a white Thanksgiving,at least we did not get the 5 foot that those West of us got. North of us by 15 miles they got 4 foot.


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