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Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

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It is Wednesday, May 14th. Here is a morning report from Greg, and a couple of pics too.

The Cape May experience in photos. Barbara has submitted hers, a couple included.

1. What remains visible of the WWI Liberty ship Atlantus. A huge troop carrying ship made of cement. Google it for some very interesting reading .

2. Remains of the gun emplacement used for defense against enemy attacks on the East Coast during WWII. I understand that the damage inflicted upon our shipping by German submarines wasn't highly publicized .

3 and 4. As we approached the Wildwood NAS and museum, we rounded a corner and I was immediately stuck with a familiar sight. "Holy sh!#" DeHavilland Caribous. A herd of at least a dozen of them intact. One is a rare sight, but I hadn't seen this many together since I'd served with them in Viet Nam. My inquiries resulted in little information. Apparently they are being upgraded , their wonderful old radial engines being replaced by turbo prop configuration. My old friend Weldon Britton helped select them for Army Special Forces operations because of their amazing Short Take Off and Landing capabilities. Now being fitted with turboprops, they must be perfect for clandestine operations. among other things.

Seeing them was a special treat for me.

Next episode, A day at the zoo!






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Still Wednesday. Greg came by with the truck and trailer was able to spend some time talking about the Cape May trip. He really had a good time. He did get the ignition timer fixed on the IH so the truck is back on the road. We are going to take a road trip in a week or so to deliver the IH back to Rob's place and Pick up the Stoddard Dayton. The Stoddard is going to be used in a wedding.

I did do some car stuff over the past couple of days. The 1923 McLaughlin Buick's tire is hold air just fine. So decided I better paint the rim while it is off the car. It got a bit banged up putting on the tire, actually two time, so it was time for a refresh. I know that Greg strips everything and they sprays the primer and color coat. But, being a non fancy guy I just used a fine brush and gloss black Restoleum. Turned out great and you cannot see any brush marks. Just fine for a wheel rim.

Decided that I am going to the car show at Summit Point Motorsports Park in WV on Saturday. For the price of $15 you get into the show, able to watch vintage sports car racing, and take three laps around the track. Just cannot beat that. I sure that the Jaguar will be right at home with all the vintage racers of the day. Everyone else had things going on so I will heading up solo.

Yesterday was a record breaking day of 94 degrees. Too hot, too fast. Here is how Karma the cat handled the heat.




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Pat, I don't know. Here is a link if you want to know more history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Canada_DHC-4_Caribou

It is Thursday, May 15th. Going to get hammered with lots of rain over the next couple of days, maybe 3 to 4 inches. But the weather looks great for car show on Saturday.

And we have another trip report from Greg.

"After viewing the inventory of the Bonham's auction housed at the airport, (we'll get back to the auction) we continued over the road to the Cape May Zoo, stopping along the way for lunch at the Rio Grande Diner. Photo 1 answers the question "Why in the world is it taking so long to make a BLT and cup of soup?!"

Photo 2 Siberian tiger pondering his lunch.

Photo 3 Mike. Either playing possum or taking a catnap. See Photo 2....

Photo 4 The zoo also had flamingos and a dear.

The zoo was a pleasant stop with an array of wildlife, plenty of things for the kids to do.

The day was overcast, cool and a bit windy. We started, boarded and began the trip home, as usual hugging the shoulder of the road. I must admit that while bumping along at 15 per, we occassionally backed up some traffic. Here in Northern Virginia that is permission for the traffic to retaliate. Short tempers, colorful language, flying fingers, burning rubber, the whole bit. However the New Jersey drivers didn't get a single ruffled feather. Some actually stopped to take our picture. Nice experience.

We discovered the downside of driving in New Jersey when we got back to the hotel. Before shitting down I often throw the switch back to BATTERY to test that system to make sure it was working well for the next startup. It wouldn't run. Only on MAGNETO setting. A quick inspection showed that the timer had disassembled due to the rough roads, the cover hanging by the wire and its roller and thumbnuts somewhere in the road . That meant old Harvester was running great, just wouldn't start. I've never been able to start on the mag.

With another tour route planned for Saturday, the old Tetanus Transfer was done.

Next, By chance to the auction."






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It is Sunday morning, May 18th. Wow! What a great car show at Summit Point WV yesterday. There was much to do from looking at all the cars, watching the vintage race cars, and driving on the track. Lots of very nice cars, most were show quality with only a few drivers. Ninty percent were muscle cars or hot rods, but very nice stock for sure. Only maybe five or six British cars in attendance. I parked next to a white MGA race car that was very nicely restored. Turned out he was the president of the local MG car club. So we had a nice visit.

Had the opportunity to get on the race track at the lunch break for the racers. Twelve of us in a pack. The only direction was not to wreck as the crews and ambulance medics were at lunch. I was in a very fast bunch of Mustangs and Corvettes so they left me in the dust after the first couple of turns. No matter, I then had a clear track. Had a lot of fun slowly bringing the Jag up to speed. The last of three laps I hit it pretty hard and pushed it into the corners with my little skinny tires biting the road. I must admit they held pretty good, and the drum brakes experienced no fade even after standing on them for a couple of 45 degree turns. The best part of the run is coming out of a long sweeping corner and into a very long straight. Wow, we were up to 95 mph! She was rock solid. I took a video but it did not turn out as the camera did not focus, but the sound of the engine during shifting was fantastic.

Watched most of the vintage racing too. Lots of old racing cars going for the gold. The racers were courteous so there was no banging that I could see. But they were going might fast in those little machines.

I took pics of the car show and of the racing. They will be attached in a couple of posts.

The Jag took one of the "Top 50" awards. Did not expect one as it was not a sports car type of show, and there were many, many beautiful cars there.





















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Hey John- That Jag is sump'in special, she wins awards every time out! Is the car that rare or just that good looking in person? Or is it the handsome driver who closes the sale? Looks like WV was another great event, may have to move down there- longer car season and cool events! We live an hour from Watkins Glen and I have had the Avanti(twice), the Model A and the 31 Hupp on the track. I also got to lap Daytona with the A on the '02 Glidden, that was awesome!! It was only a parade lap at the bottom of the track but still very cool. Hell, we couldn't get the A enough speed to stick to the 37 degrees in the corners! Had to be at least 70mph we were told.

Still following,

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It is Monday, May 19th PM. Ah, life on the farm. A good story from Sunday. Our farmer neighbor, Henry, bought two 40 ft shipping containers to use for storage on the farm. Problem is that they are fifteen miles away. Not wanting to try to have them delivered, Henry decided to make an axle set and tow it home with his Russian built tractor. So with a welder in hand he fabricated the mounts, expanded the axles and off to the races we went. Not quite legal, but in farm country we are given some leeway. We did have a wide load signed truck leading and pack, and of course we had a rotating yellow light on our roof as we brought up the rear. We met at 5:30 AM and blocked the roads in town, not that there was much traffic, and proceed to head for home. What a fun time at maybe 5 mph. But we made it via all the back roads and the first trailer is now at the farm. In a few weeks, after haying season, we will go help pick up the second one.

In the afternoon we had new friends over and of course I had to show them the cars. When we got to the 23 I decided to see if she would start. So oiled the rockers, turned on the fuel, adjusted the choke, and wallah she started right up. Will be getting it out of the trailer in a couple of days.

And today a neighbor called, she is moving and did I want some old equipment that was broken or no longer in use on her farm. Of course I do. So headed over and loaded a John Deere 325 garden tractor (has not run in several years, but has been in a garage), a snow blower, which will not start, a rototiller (condition unknown) and a lamp style heater. Ahhh, treasures.

I have the mower deck to the tractor, it was sitting in a field where it broke so I have been told. Does not look too bad for sitting outside for about ten years. So will check that out tomorrow. They said the blades stopped working. I figure a spindle is frozen.

I have the battery charging tonight, we will see if it holds a charge and then see what is up tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I can get it to spring back to life. Of course it needs two new front tires, a seat, an engine cover, filters, oil, etc. But if I can get it going for $500 or so I will have a great tractor. A used, running example is $2 to 3K.















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It is Tuesday, AM, May 20th. Heading out to see if the battery charged up on the old JD garden tractor. Maybe it will start.

But in the meantime we have a Greg report.

"When last we visited I was about to mention that Barb and I were leaving Cape May, and I spied the Bonhams auction sign along side the road. That led to an unexpected detour. Not only did we get there just in time to see the good stuff go across the block but old friend Fred Hock was seated on the front row. Sandwich between friends, they were enticing each other to bid on things like double decker busses, etc. For a look at the offerings and results, Google Bonham's Auction Cox Collection.

Since then it's been busy and I'm just now settling in to the evening car work without much to report.

I did have a good time this past weekend. My youngest son Logan, who has been living and working in Richmond, has decided to seek his fortune in California. Leaving in a couple days, he was home to visit.

This gave us a chance to play cars. My boys have covered some ground in the Harvester, not just the annual Fetch the Christmas Tree" run. Now that old Termite Transfer is running again, it was time for Logan to get checked out in it's operation. Even with its unusual method of control, he did a great job driving us around Hyde Manor.

Then it was Avanti time. He'd had plenty of back seat time in it before I parked it in the eighties, but now I wanted him to drive it. Even with its lack of tolerance for mishandling (like a fractious horse) Logan managed the equipment like an old pro. Then with playtime over it was time for a family get together at my Mother's about an hour away. It was a real treat for me to send him ahead in the 'biscuit while I trailed in his car. It was also the first time I'd seen the car from behind since the seventies when Steve and I would convoy Avantis.

A bittersweet day. It isn't until they come to visit and you have to see them go, that you're reminded how much you miss them."

=Here is the link to the Cox auction. http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22174/




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Just a follow up on the trailer move. We went over to Henry's farm last night for a thank you dinner. So took some pics of the farm. First are a few of the trailer axle construction, then the burned up Kubota that he is restoring, his airplane on the front pasture, his kids, and then the dinner table. It was a great dinner with some great conversations.





















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Still Tuesday, but PM. Worked on the John Deere tractor for most of the day. Finally got it to turn over with a newer battery. But she would not run without starting fluid. I figured that it was either the fuel pump or the carb was gummed up for sure. I took the easy one first, the fuel pump. Took off a cover and there is the little vacuum pump. One screw was missing on the cover plate, one hose clamp was off and one fuel line had a split in it. Sure glad I had a bucket of old nuts, screws (like everyone has) and found one that fit. So I took off the pump, cleaned it out, and repaired the fuel line. Sprayed in some starting fluid and she fired right up. Started to die, but slowly rumbled to a nice smooth cadence.

Now that she runs I ordered some parts. Two new front tires, a new seat, a new top engine cover, and a mower drive belt. Now I am about $350 lighter in the old wallet.

Took a look at the mower and it is not in bad shape. It has not seen much use. So lubed up the spindles and will clean it up tomorrow.

Oh, the engine has an hour meter, but you could not see the numbers as the lens was cloudy. So used some rubbing compound and am now able to see the hours, 538.

Then I spent another couple of hours scrubbing her down and getting it as clean as possible. She is looking pretty spiffy.

Will change the oil tomorrow when I get a new filter.










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John, a friend had a 318 which had both front and rear PTO's. The mower deck looks just like the one he had and after used it to cut his lawn a couple times (2 1/2 acres) and thought it was a pretty nice tractor. He also had the trailer, plow blade and the 2-stage blower for the front. You got a heck of a good deal. And the olded Ariens 2-stage blower you picked up is another good deal. I couldn't quite read the lable on it but it looked like it said 824. I have a 724 and it had a heck of a workout this past winter. My only issue with the 724 is that the auger and the auger housing was ground down a half inch or more by the previous owner who did not change the skids, some day I'll find a replacement from an old broken down blower. Based on the first couple items (tractor/blower) I can't help but wonder if the rototiller just might be a Troy-Built. Scott...

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John - I agree with Scott. Nice deal on the Deere. What's the story with the airplane parked in the pasture? Do you know? Beautiful table too. Those pieces take up so much space in the dining room, but when you need one... Keep up the great thread!


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Chuck, will ask Henry why he stopped flying the plane. Stay tuned.

We had a nice weekend with a visit from our son, Chris, and his family, Jodi and little Evan. Evan, who is three, had a great love for the Jaguar and the tractors. And he really enjoyed the ugaa, ugaa of the 1923 McLaughlin Buick's horn. We took both the Jag and the 23 our for long runs. Both ran great. Chris and I spend some time working on the John Deere tractor. Changed the oil and put in the new fuel pump, and added a new top cover for the engine. Two new tires came via UPS so they will go on tomorrow. The seat also came in, but it was the wrong mounting, so it goes back for a replacement. Chris helped cleaning up the mower unit. We greased and adjusted everything so it is ready to go on the tractor, maybe tomorrow we will be mowing.

And to top off the weekend, we have a Greg report.

"Nice weekend that it was, I found myself down with a cold, so there wasn't much socializing.Taking it easy, I did find some time for the Avantis.

The thermostat gasket began leaking on the 'biscuit, seems the bolts weren't very tight and it was easy enough to cut another gasket and install it. With the coolant topped off and the gas gauge reading low, it was also a good day for a road trip to Winchester where there's un-ethanol for sale. About fifty miles each way.

Upon my return I lifted the hood to check the coolant level and found another leak. Fuel. Although they aren't that old, the fuel filter hoses were found to be harder than a, well, woodpecker's nose.Cracked and leaking. Thanking whoever for mandating the ethanol I've had to use, I immediately got a new filter and hoses.

My words of advice. PINCH YOUR FUEL HOSES AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE SOFT! Watching your car burn might not be much fun. My fire extinguisher was still in the Harvester. There is a God.

Otherwise, with my weather here at last, I did get in some time on 5054. The ERB supercharger back in the bracket, I resumed plumbing its cooler and dry sump system. I'm ready to secure the hardware after the front bumper brackets are tightened. I can't do that until the bumper is on and now I find that I'm unhappy with the front bumper at hand. Guess I'll put one on my Christmas list.

Satisfied with the progress, I then turned to the old Dodge Brothers that was waiting in the back of the garage. With air in the tires, water in the radiator and fuel turned on, it wanted to go out. So we did.

I have to tell you , maybe it's after driving the Harvester, it sure was something to see the telephone poles flying by like.....well, telephone poles. With the A/C on and the wind in my face it sure was pleasant.

Around the block and then I followed the trail of the leaking water pump back. Any round trip is a good trip.

Remind me to get some packing and water pump grease.

Also with time to meet Barbara for dinner, it was a very pleasant day. But how can we thank those who fell making it possible? And there are so many who don't know our history....or care."







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It is Tuesday, early PM, May 27th. Waiting for some big thunderstorms to come in this afternoon. Getting very dark. Radar shows them about fifty miles away.

I worked on the John Deere garden tractor all morning after I had gone into town and had the new front tires mounted. Got them on and then decided to see if I could mount the mower deck. Oh no, a problem. The hydraulics that raise and lower the deck is not moving. I found the valve for it under the tractor and discovered that the pin that controls the up and down is frozen in the controller. I took some WD40 and lubed it up and then moved the pin back and forth with a large screwdriver. That did it, the hydraulics work.

I then mounted the mower, installed the drive belt, and hit the PTO switch. She died........ Gave it more power this time and the mower deck came alive and the engine kept running. Did some test runs, and she is cutting great. Only things to be done now is a new seat (sent the new one that did not fit back this morning) and a chute deflector (should be here today or tomorrow). I looked and it could use a new belt from the engine to the transmission, but will save that for next spring.

I have included a pic of the new hood on the tractor.

Alice is out giving haircuts to the llamas. Some are OK with it and will stand for the two hours it takes to do one, others will fight her tooth and nail. Then it takes much longer. I have to give her lots of credit, I would pay someone to do it. She uses scissors too. The electric clippers scare the heck out of the llamas.









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Still Tuesday, still Tuesday and still waiting for the big thunderstorms. Had a few sprinkles, but really nothing yet. One the radar they are inching towards us.

Over the next couple of days will be getting the Jaguar ready for the All British Car Show at Lilypons, Adamstown, MD on Sunday. The show is about 70 miles north of us. It will take us about an hour and a half to get there in the morning. Nice ride as we will be using the back roads. Last year we took 1st place in class.

Got a surprise in the mail today. The JD chute deflector. So got it on and mowed some grass. I am so happy that I got the old mower working again after so many years.

And here is what the llamas look like after Alice gets done with shearing. Not pretty.





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It is Thursday, May 29th, AM. Yesterday was sure hot and stormy. Summer is really coming soon.

I did some more mowing with the JD tractor. Is doing a great job. Starts up easily now after I replaced the spark plug and cleaned the carb with some spray in throttle bottle cleaner. I have fresh gas in her too, and have added some Seafoam to the gas. This really has made a difference in its running. Seafoam has a lot of cleaners/detergent in it and does wonders for cleaning the inside of the carb. I did order a new drive belt/traction belt to the transmission. The old one is original so it is 19 years old. It does look a bit rough. So at the end of the season will replace it with new. You have to remove the back end of the tractor and gas tank to mount it. I also ordered a hefty front bumper, will be great for pushing stuff over. That is about it for refurbishing the tractor. Figure I have about $500 into it now. Should be good for another ten years or so.

Here are a couple of pics of the family with the old cars, and Alice and me with Evan in our "boat". Thought you might like to see them.




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It is Friday, May 30th, early PM. Cold last night, even lit the pellet stove for some inside heat. But today it is a bit warmer, maybe heading into the 70s by this afternoon.

I got a package this afternoon from FedEx. It was the bumper I ordered for the John Deere tractor the day before yesterday. That was a real quick delivery. It looks to be well built and is power coated. Should do the job nicely. So I spend a few minutes and mounted it on the tractor. Looks pretty good and will be very useful around the farm.

While looking at the old tattered seat on the John Deere I decided to work the adjustment. Well, the seat did not adjust. The mechanism is stuck hard. I removed the seat, used lots of WD40 and a rubber hammer and was able to get the rails to finally move. Took about an hour to get both free as I had to remove the frame and word on the individual rail. Got them both freed up and working. Put the frame back on and worked the seat mechanism back and forth, works good. The seat probably has not been adjusted in ten years or more. It froze up and they just lived with it. I put the old seat back on and worked it more. Works great.

Wayne/Buick Skylark and Corvette and Steve/Camaro called this morning. They want us to go to a night car show tomorrow night in a town about 50 miles away. Of course we said sure. I am going to take the Avanti so will do some clean up tomorrow.

I also have to get the Jaguar ready for a Sunday show so that has to be done too. Looks like a busy morning tomorrow.

I do have an issue with one high beam light not working on the Avanti so I have some work to do on it. I think I have a ground and high beam wire crossed on the plug under the fender. I do have both low beams.




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It is Saturday, late PM, May 31st. Just got home from the Leesburg, old town, VA, car show. Lots of neat cars. But I sure do not like driving home in the dark on all the country back roads. Oh well. Lots of interest and great comments on the Avanti. She certainly showed well. And she was the only Studebaker and Avanti there.

The Avanti struggled a bit. It still has a slight stumble at almost all speeds, and she died twice and would not refire for several minutes at the show fields. Paul Rose was there. He owns a vintage repair shop in WV. We talked a bit about the issue, and he said that my fuel pump was going. So as soon as we got home I ordered a new one. I rebuilt the one in the car in early 2010 using a rebuild kit I found in the trunk of the car. Who know how old that was and I am sure the modern gas we are forced to use took a toll on it. I will put the new one in and rebuild the old one. Probably good to carry a spare anyway.

Well, here are a few pics.

We are off tomorrow morning for an all British show in MD. No rest for us.









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John, that is a bunch of neat cars ! I always wanted to put a pile of Weber's on the hi-po I had in our Tiger, but just couldn't bear notching the whole top of the firewall out, ha ! Also, what is the yellow and blue roadster in the bottom set of pics. It kinda looks like an XKE in the 3/4 view, but there are too many other "huhs ?????" !! Sure do like it though. I do so love those Daytona Coupes too, guess it was a kit ? The Avanti looks great, you've done a good job, and thanks again for the pics. John

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John, the orange/blue car is badged as a Lister Jaguar. There seems to be a couple of them in the area. They are certainly a go fast car. I am sure that it is a "kit" type of car, but it is sure nice. The quality, fit and finish of the body and mechanicals are top notch.

I don't know the history on the Daytona Ford race car. I know that it was the pace car for all the vintage races that I attended a few weeks ago. Could it be real?

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It is Sunday, June 1st. PM. Just got home from the Lilypons car show. Had a great time. Lots of neat British cars, but it was very sunny and hot by the time the awards were given out. I am sure I will have more comments tomorrow, but right now my mind is mush. Here are pics of some of the cars. The Jaguar was given a first place in class.











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Hey John - time to rest a bit after that stretch of busy-ness. Great job with the Jag. Just where are you going to put all the hardware you keep bringing home? You'll have to build a separate building for all the trophies, plaques, and honors that your wonderful vehicles garner. I agree - the Avanti shows well and the JD looks tough now with it's new front "bling!" Keep up the great work.


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Chuck, well I guess these things just happen. There was the gray Jaguar XK 120 OTS that was in the show. Freshly restored to an almost councours level. Still the pastel green Jag took home the honors. Maybe we garner more votes as we let folks get into the car.

Monday, June 2nd AM. I feel much better today. I think the sun finally got to me yesterday.

We had a great time at the show yesterday. The weather was great and the show field was only muddy down by the ponds. Only the food vendor's truck got stuck. He got mad and left the show before we arrived. So there was very limited food for the participants. Not a good thing. Lots of cars, maybe 200 or so. Some unique stuff too. If you wanted to see the various models of MG or Triumph this was the place to see all the models. As usual, the Jag ran great.

Put the Avanti back in the barn this morning. I check why the front seat is loose. The metal L type clip that holds the seat assembly to the floor separated from the seat rail. I will have to pull the entire seat and she how it is attached. Not a big job to take out the seat, but who know yet on how I will fix it. I am ordering a new fuel pump this morning. Will be about $160 and with seals that are happy with modern fuel.

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Paul, it was an un-restored, original Morgan +4+. It is a rare car. Here is what Wiki says. "A version of the +4, designated the +4+, was made from 1964 to 1967 with a contemporary fibreglass coupe body. The light weight and reduced drag characteristics improved the performance of the +4+ over the regular +4 in every aspect. However, the traditional Morgan enthusiasts did not embrace this departure from Morgan custom, and mainstream enthusiasts did not embrace the seemingly archaic +4 chassis. Only 26 +4+ cars were built.

Called up Dave "Tbow" this morning and ordered a new fuel pump for the Avanti. It was not built specifically for the Avanti R2 engine, but Dave modifies it with more bend in the pump arm and puts in a fitting for the vacuum relief as on the original fuel pump. He has a rebuild kit for the original carb, but needs a number off of it. I will rebuild the pump at some point.

And I got a call from the event organizers of the Leesburg car show. He said to come pick up my award for the Avanti. What! The Avanti was presented with a top 30 award. Wow, now that is quite an honor.

Now that Jay Leno is retired, he does a lot of fun stuff. Now he get to play with a XK120 in Italy.

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It is Tuesday morning, June 3rd. Up early. Have to head into the tool rental place to pick up a hammer chisel to remove the floor tile and cement board in my bathroom. We are deconstructing it to do a full make over. Sure glad that it is small, only a 5x5 feet of tile to rip out. To make it larger we are taking out half of the closet next to it. That will became a walk in shower. It will have a heated floor too.

Looks like Greg had a great weekend. Here is his report.

" This week has flown by. Not a lot of Studebaker progress, the Overland rods are still out for fresh babbitt, some parts ordered for the black Avanti 5054, a few more enjoyable miles on the maroon Avanti 'biscuit", and tried to slow the water pump leak with some fresh packing for the old Dodge.....stuff like that.

And Saturday was a little different. The '14 IHC was called into service for a delivery. I'll bet that 's the first time it has hauled a load of straw in many years, let alone a bridal party. Asked to favor a Hyde family wedding, it performed well. The day and festivities very nice."



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Paul, it was an un-restored, original Morgan +4+. It is a rare car. Here is what Wiki says. "A version of the +4, designated the +4+, was made from 1964 to 1967 with a contemporary fibreglass coupe body. The light weight and reduced drag characteristics improved the performance of the +4+ over the regular +4 in every aspect. However, the traditional Morgan enthusiasts did not embrace this departure from Morgan custom, and mainstream enthusiasts did not embrace the seemingly archaic +4 chassis. Only 26 +4+ cars were built.

Thanks John, wasn't sure exactly what it was.

I did like the pictures of the TR2/TR3 Triumphs :o

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Still Tuesday, but PM. Got hot today again, 90 degrees. I worked inside today. Gutted my bathroom in preparation for the make over. About killed me getting all the tile and backer board up. I had put in the tile floor 16 years ago. I cemented the backer board to the subfloor and then put in a thousand screws. Now I had to get it all out. At the end today I was laying down trying to finish up. Got it done.

But I did get a couple of presents. The vanity for the bathroom arrived. I had to go to the property next door as they are on the flat part of the road. We are on a hill and not good for off loading a 30 ft trailer. So we lined up the arms of the little Kubota with the back of the trailer and slid it off. Strapped it down and I headed home.

And UPS delivered the new JD tractor seat. It will go on tomorrow. Too pooped to do it now.






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It is Wednesday, AM, June 4th. Up early before the heat sets in. Took the opportunity to install the new seat on the John Deere. Looks good and certainly much better than the crusty original seat. Then again it lasted 19 years. I hope the new one lasts half that long. The John Deere tractor project is done. Now it can get to work.

Steve picked up the top 30 trophy for the Avanti. He works in Leesburg, VA, and it gave him the opportunity to talk to some car guys involved in the show and to see their collections.

Steve talked quite a bit with Paul Rose, the owner of Vintage Motorcar Company of Inwood, WV when we were at the Leesburg show. Steve has the blue SS 350 67 Camaro that received a frame off restoration about ten years ago. He is unhappy with the fit of the doors, the hood and some paint work. I think he is going to give Paul his business. We have to make a visit to the shop so Steve can make a final decision.

The next show is the annual Father's Day Car Show in Warrenton, VA. It is a local show and all the locals come ou in force. We have about half a dozen cars from the hood going. We have signed up the Jag. It is usually the only Jag and British car there.




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