Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

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It's Sunday, December 23rd.  Any time I work on the Passat I am amazed at the German engineering.  However, on the down side everything is just so complex with lots of little parts, levers, gears, etc.  The headlights are no exception.  Today, I spent six hours retrofitting the new headlights  with new bulbs.  Each bulb was a challenge to remove and replace.  I did find that the silver coating in the old unit was completely gone (see pic) and also a little white plastic coupling, which controls the auto adjustment of up and down was broken.  So I got everything back in and decided to just test them without putting back on the plastic.  Glad I did, the driver's turn signal is not working.  So I have to remove the headlight unit and see what is up.  But I am getting closer to being done.  More work tomorrow.  










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Christmas Eve,  Did not have a lot of time to spend on the Passat today.  I did fix the problem with the non-working turn signal.  I did not have the harness clip in far enough.  Everything works now.  And I put on the grill brace.  That is it.  But making progress.  I need just a couple of hours now to put the bumper cover on and she will be ready to go.


Wishing to all a Merry Christmas.  Hope that you have a great time with family and friends.

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Merry Christmas John. I enjoy watching all your car, van, tractor, lama, etc. etc. work, but I swear I don't know where you get the time or energy for it all 😓.

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It is Thursday, December 27th.  Of course I pulled a muscle in my lower back yesterday attempting to lift an awkward box of about 100 lbs.  It got me good.  Felt a bit better this morning so decided to see if I could finish up the Passat.  Well, the little car is DONE!  The bumper is on, and she is ready to go.  And the headlights work too!


I did check the fluid by opening the full port and some came out, actually a lot, so closed it back up very quickly.  Only lost maybe an ounce.  I was surprise to see not red, but almost brown.  The new fluid is dirty with only a few minutes on the transmission.  We will run it a few hundred miles and then change it out again.  I guess at $100 a change it will be insurance so to speak.  And now I know how to do it so will only take a few minutes.  I will not drop the pan or change the filter the next time either.  







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It is Sunday, January 6th.  Oh forgive me, it has been over a year since starting the 1923 McLaughlin Buick.  It looks like the fuel has gone bad.  The gas in the little filter has all evaporated and turned into a white mess.  So I cleaned the glass with carb cleaner and the little wire mesh filter also.  I then pumped out two gallons of gas out of the main tank.  It is almost brown.  I know that I had put Stabil in it before putting it to sleep.   I then decided I better see what was in the vacuum gas tank, nothing.  But decided to spray the inside with carb cleaner and see if anything came out.  Well, out came lots of crud.   You can see the little chunks of stuff in the white plastic plate.  After a few long squirts of fluid, it came out clear.  I have the battery on the charger so tomorrow will put in some fresh gas and see if she will start.  I do remember running the carb out of fuel so hopefully it is not all gunked up.  I also have to fill up the vacuum tank with fuel also.









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It is Sunday, January 27th.  I wish I could say that I am deep within some old car project, but that is not the case.  Vacation to the northwest/Seattle and then lots of farm maintenance has taken most of my time.  And of course I had to take a beekeeping class for my new endeavor.  I have two hives coming in a month or so, so am preparing new homes for them.  Have to finish painting the new hives.  I am also hauling big rounds of hay for the llamas and donkeys.


But Greg is slowly plugging along on his Oakland engine.  Here is his report.


Felt like some shop work tonight so I got in some lathe time on the idler gear mount that the gear spins on.   Since my gear has more play than I'd prefer i've been experimenting with offsetting the mounting stud to bring the idler in closer to the crank/magneto centerline. Might get to test my work tomorrow night.






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Sounds like you're a busy bee John 😄. Good to hear you are contributing to the preservation of nature - we really need those bees!

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Monday, Feb 11th, and we have a great report from Greg.


Some progress to report on the 1910  Willys Overland Model 42.  Not much has been happening since it lives in the unheated part of the shop,  but today was a nice change with the temps in the forties.      
I finished the cosmetics on the oil pan.   Even though I haven't managed to seal it  yet,  I have it hung in place.   Oil pump too.   At least they are off the bench and awaiting proper seals and hardware.    I also picked through the parts boxes and found the new oil level sight glass and related pieces.  Now loosely installed.    
Next task will be the camshaft timing,  front cover  and flywheel installation along with making sure I have the right old style hardware and secured.
There is some grunt work remaining.   The new castings of the water manifold are machined but need to be buffed,  the intake as well.   
Schebler carburetor  is finished also.   So it's coming.  
That will leave the ignition system to do.    I want to return to the original  Remy magneto.   Not the most favorite of mags,  but I have to do things the hard way.






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