Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

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John, what is square footage of new building?  Having done a lot of construction projects in my past (working!) life, I'm always curious about cost per square foot.....it's probably in your earlier posts, but I'm too lazy to go back and search...


It's a great work space, well done!

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It is Thursday, October 1st.  Waiting for a Nor'easter storm tomorrow and Saturday.  The weather folks are saying 8 to 12 inches of rain and high winds in a 24 hour period.  The locals are cancelling all the Fall festival events for the weekend.  


That new had the crowd and vendors at the Fall Carlisle show running for the hills.  I went up with Corvette Wayne and Camaro Steve.  The weather was OK, no rain, but cooler, 50 degrees.  But it really was not too bad walking around.


But the crowds were way down and the cars for sale maybe numbered less than 100.  Usually, they is like 400 cars offered for sale.  We walked about five miles and then decided to call it a day around 2 PM.  


Saturday we are going to pull Camaro Steve's 350 engine.  Wayne has the rebuild all planned out with some minor upgrades to include a 3/4 race cam.  It is going to sound like the Avanti for sure.  



Here is some information on what a Nor'easter is.  We can expect not only rain, but lots of wind.  All the trees are still in full leaf so many branches and some trees are going to come down.  Massive power outages are expected.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nor%27easter

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As long as it all has gotten out of the way by Hershey next week!  I guess the hurricane will miss the mainland as of tonight. 


John- I hope to get over to the car show at Hershey and meet you in person.  However it is a looong walk from the middle of the south Chocolate field by Sat morning!  The fields have gotten a lot bigger or (maybe?) the old legs ain't what they used to be.


See you and the cat,


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Now they're talking like the hurricane is going to make a right hook instead of a left hook and go out to sea. Suits me just fine.


A couple of questions John: Do you have a stationary generator? ( I believe you have written about it before, but I have forgotten the details). Also, what's up with the Trailblazer?

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Chris, we have a 20K whole house generator connected to our propane supply.  Good for about a week of running full time.


The Trailblazer is still on the trailer.  I keep hoping it will heal itself.  But after Hershey the Suburban will be available to haul her into the local Chev dealership.  


Sure glad the hurricane took a right and headed out to sea.  Dodged a bullet.

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That's a good generator to have - you probably don't even notice a flicker when the power goes out and it switches over to generator. Yep, I have often waited for cars to fix themselves, but they never seem to do it! Have fun at Hershey!

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It is Friday, PM, October 2nd.   It has been raining pretty good all day.  3/4 of an inch so far, but it is really raining hard now.  Temp is only 51 degrees.  


One of my winter projects is to rebuild the front end suspension of the Jaguar.  Looking back at all the maintenance records and oral history from previous owners I believe the front suspension to be all original.  Upon inspection, one of the shocks is leaking fluid, and most of the rubber parts and bushings are either age cracked or starting to turn to mush.  


A full suspension kit is about $300 not including shocks.  So I have decided to start acquiring parts over the next couple of months.  The first thing I have ordered is a pair of front shocks.  GAZ is the manufacturer.  The shocks are a quality shock made in England, adjustable, and reasonably priced.  Shipped to my door is $218 for the pair.  Here is a pic of the shocks.


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It is Sunday morning, October 4th.  Rain, rain, rain, but not the eight inches forecast, just two.  Headed over to Caramo Steve's place yesterday morning.  Corvette Wayne was already there, beat me by an hour.  Anyway, we jumped right in and removed the Caramo's engine.  Then we proceeded to gut it and get it ready to take to the machine shop.  The entire job took us about three hours.  No problems with the take out except that the top two bell housing bolts were a little tough to get to.


Upon visual inspection the innards of the engine looked fine.  It had been obviously rebuild during its first restoration.  It had aftermarket pistons that still look very good.  We boxed everything up and Wayne will take everything to the machine shop on Monday.    The plan is to make the engine a reliable street performer.  


Wayne plans to build the engine with our able assistance.  It looks like the decision has been made to do the work in my new garage.  In a couple of weeks we will put the Camaro on the trailer and bring it over.  I certainly have the room for the work, and heat too.









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Kinda.  I think it is 50 x 25, but it is not insulated or heated.  Wayne said that it will be a month to get the engine done and back into the car.  So we are starting to look at cold weather.  We do not like cold anymore.

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It is Monday, October 5th, PM.  Spent most of the day repairing the driveway.  Pushed a lot of gravel with the little Kubota tractor.  


But I did take a couple of hours to do fun stuff.  First, I mounted my new air hose ratchet system.  Boy, that guy is heavy.  Put it higher than my head so I do not walk into it.  The hose is 50 feet long so it should enable me to reach almost everywhere in the garage.  I have it mounted in the middle of the front wall.


Then I turned my attention to Brownie the van.  I have a water leak in the moon roof, and the water is getting inside the van.  I think that it is coming from the glass seal itself.  So I removed the glass frame assembly, removed all the old sealer, cleaned the glass, and will re-seal it tomorrow.  I don't think that the frame mounted to the roof is leaking, but if I continue to get water in the van I will remove all the old sealer and re-seal it also.  Here are a couple of pics.  One of the pics is of the cleaned glass ready to be re-sealed.










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It is Tuesday, October 6th.  Loading the Jaguar this morning for its trip to Hershey tomorrow.  I plan to spent the day looking at old car parts and cars, and visiting with some old friends.  Will be a very nice day for sure.  Weather looks to be great.  


Here is some great information on the Wright Brothers model EX airplane of 1911.  No one said that flying was easy during this time or healthy for one's life.  


Here is the link to the Vin Fiz transcontinental airplane.  

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Thank you for posting these videos. I have recently finished reading David McCullough's "The Wright Brothers", and the videos bring the book to life.



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It is Wednesday, October 7th, PM.  Just got home from Hershey.  Left this morning about 6:15 AM and arrived at 10.  Dropped off the trailer and the Jaguar at the trailer parking area and then headed into the show fields.  Lots of people, much more crowded than previous years.  However, I thought the car corral was off.  Maybe only a couple of hundred cars, usually the corral is full and has a waiting list to get in.  But there were many nice cars for sale.  I saw several deals being made.  Most cars seemed to be going to Europe, especially Germany.  I guess we Americans always look for the deal and wait until prices come down on Friday and Saturday.  I took pics, but too pooped to put them up now.  Will do that in the morning.   

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While walking around the parts fields I ran across Hagerty Insurance putting together a 49 Ford pick-up using parts found at the meet.  You can follow along on their web site.  Here are the pics I took.  I think that there are four techs doing the work, two at a time.  They have their work cut out for them.








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OK, got my second wind.  So here are the first grouping of pics of cars for sale.  I attempted to get a price on the cars to give you an idea on what they are going for out here on the left coast.  

























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Still walking and taking pics of the more interesting cars.  It is funny, some people do not list any information about their car.  It is up to you to guess what they want for them and perhaps a little history.






















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According to my FitBit, I walked a bit over 9 miles today.  No wonder my knees ache.  These are the last of the pictures.  Hope you enjoyed them.  
























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While browsing the Internet I found this vintage picture.  I wonder if it is the same fire truck you took a picture of at Hershey?


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Thanks for the tour of the swap meet sales John.  I always look forward to your posts and the detail and photos are great.


For one who has never been to Hershey and probably never will, it is good to see what is happening in that part of the world.

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