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Just because it's TITLED as a '45 doesn't mean it's really a 1945 model! I've seen cars that were titled as one year when the manufacturer actually called it another year. The only way to identify the actual year of manufacture is by the VIN. The body number helps a bit too.

This is more than likely an early 1946 car. Ford didn't intentionally produce any cars as 1945 models, except for military use and these were all 4-door sedans, NO convertibles!

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The VIN will be stamped on the left side of the front crossmember, next to the motor mount. It's also stamped on the left rear frame rail, near the gas filler neck. The attached photo shows what the front crossmsmber VIN (7H153405) looks like on my 1947 Convinental.

It's hard to see and even harder to photograph! I was forced to get this picture because the powers that be here in Texas erroneously had the car listed as 'scrapped' and I needed to prove that it is still extant!


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The number on the bell housing (actually the transmission) is the VIN of the car that the transmission was originally installed in. Since by now, most transmissions have been replaced, that number is useless to determine the actual VIN of the car - UNLESS it's the original transmission that came in the car. This can only be determined by comparing it with the VIN on the frame of the car - a Catch-22 situation!

As far as the numbers on the engine block are concerned, I would defer to Peecher of V12Bill for that information.

As to the specific year of your Zephyr Convertible, I have attached photos of 1942, 1946 and 1947-48 Lincoln hood trim. Note that none of these emblems appear to be on your car. Also note the different shapes of the hood ornaments.




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The number stamped on the top of the cluch housing is also the serial number. If it matches the number stamped on the frame then is the original transmission. The serial number(s) will identify the model year. The "56H B2" block is a '47-48 engine Not sure about the B1? If it also has the "56H" it will be a post war engine, perhaps a '46. You may have to remove a cylinder head to confirm the bore as early '46's had 2-15/16" bore while the later '46's had 2-7/8" bore. The bodies on the post war cars were all the same and it appears that the trim on this car is mid-'47 -'48.

Like Phil says the number stamped on the frame next to the engine mount will indicate what model year the car was when it left the factory.

The pic is of a known '47 V12 engine.


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